Alpha Pluck Land 0.801

My first try of making a map for :)

  1. pluck
    Known issues:
    • the AI support is not perfect
    • the guardrails are not finished
    Planned updates:
    • fixing all the known issues
    • making multiple spawnpoints
    • addig more stuff
    This is my first map, and I have made it for fun. I would like to credit Spencer Johnson and davidinark on YouTube for their awesome tutorials on mapmaking for This map is not based on a real place, it is completely unreal.

Recent Updates

  1. fixed some issues
  2. repack

Recent Reviews

  1. Joomes
    Version: 0.801
    By normal standards it's not good. But holy crap it is liminal and I love it. A lot of BeamNG maps have a bit of liminality, but this map goes above and beyond anything I've seen before. Please build upon this and add some random common road signs in the small oval of roads. Maybe make a liminal edition if you wanted to keep developing this map as if it were normal.
    1. pluck
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! This is a kind of review I didn't expect, but it's 100% facts. I want to continue building this version, but I will post a "liminal version" as well. :D
  2. Toivio
    Version: 0.751
    Good map. It is a bit empty but it is not problem. And my pc can run this map without overheating.
    1. pluck
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review, I think I am going to make it a bit bigger (like adding another small village). Also the benifit of it being empty is what you've just said lol.
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