Outdated Polish Mountains, Seasons Addon 2.1

Polish Mountains in different seasons

  1. Car_Killer
    Polish Mountains is a map located in southern Poland.

    Special addon for a map with seasons.

    screenshot_2020-08-13_13-33-44.png screenshot_2020-08-13_13-32-27.png

    Note: You need download standard version of Polish Mountains before installing this addon.
    Download Polish Mountains here

    Special thanks to:
    @waboll - help with assets and map layout;
    @Ai'Torror - testing map, ideas and suggestions;
    @Re:Z_IA - help with optimization, testing map;
    @thomatoes50 - help with some lua code.

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 2.1
    Good Mod!
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