Porsche Motorsport 1.0

Porsche (2017) 911 RSR Race Car Pack [4 Cars]

  1. -Johffin-
    Porsche Motorsport Pack
    4 Cars Currently Included
    More to come!
    Highlight features
    • Realistic weight and size
    • High detail interior and exterior (Steering wheel and console modeled as accurately possible)
    • LOUD like the real thing
    Performance hit with lights on, especially in cockpit

    These endurance cars are tough to drive at the limit.
    You can go quick with a m&kb
    Fast with a controller
    And fly with a Wheel and pedals.

    The Key to not spinning out. Is smooth inputs and throttle control, trust.

    These don't very much like pedal to the floor and a throw of the wheel.
    Just like relationships, stability is key ok. It doesn't take much to throw off the balance.

    RSRInfo.png GTLMRSRInfo.png VGLInfo.png PnkPgInfo.png
    Also yes I know the Flying Pig is missing the letters. I just couldn't find the right font to use :/

    Thanks for checking out my Mod!
    Rate and share

    If you find any issues feel free to tell me!
    Your feedback is much appreciated!
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