Rallye Intertemporal 1.5

Missing and impoved base game Rallye configs

  1. Slyo vom Pluto
    Ever wonder why (almost) every car in Beam has an unused rallye suspension option?

    Me too! What a coincidence!

    These configs contain 26 rallye configurations for a bunch of cars, namely:

    Bruckell Moonhawk

    Burnside Special

    Civetta Bolide

    Civetta Scintilla

    Gavril Barstow

    Gavril Bluebuck

    Gavril Grand Marshall

    Hirochi SBR4

    Ibishu 200BX

    Ibishu Covet

    Ibishu Miramar

    Ibishu Pessima (96')

    Most cars have multiple engine trims to choose from, from extra light to extra powerful, and the 200BX and the Pessima even have (legacy) asphalt rallye versions!

    The cars that already have configuations correctly tagged as type "rally" I haven't touched, which leaves me with a lot of rear-wheel drive cars.
    Also just 4 sets of tires that are the correct rallye compund, even though Beam recently added 2 tires that I can only assume are wrong for asthetic reasons.

    I try to do my best with the tool given to me by the game, but I do sometimes wish I'd gotten into technical modding, oh well.
    The "Intertemporal Rallye" config type marks rescently updated configs, the others might vary in quality

    I don't have a new Video for y'all yet, call me lazy!

    no mods required at all!

    [I am beginning to think that whoever is in charge of configs at BeamNG aren't interdisciplinarily qualified suspension engineers]

    [current status: Doing a once-over]

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mullayho
    Version: 1.3
    This is just excelent. Loved the descriptions and perfomance data, really sells this as something that could be in the stock game. And I'm not saying anithing but I'm saying the D series and Roamer have AWD transfercasses
  2. Nissan versa
    Nissan versa
    Version: 1.0
    now I can rally in s t y l e
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