Random Skin Pack 2.5.5

A pack in which I will share some random skins I made

  1. Last Update for now

    Hello, I just bring you guys this small and little addition. It just featurs 2 Police Cars for Jungle rock based on the Philippines National Police and one Philippines Ambulance. (Kemros Japanes Ambulance requiered for it)


    Huge thanks to Scruffy for creating the custom License Plate
    Also I don't know if the Arsana Dryvan still works, but if not don't expect a fix, I don't fucking care about wasting more time searching for the new files...
  2. Add-on Time

    Sup everybody, got a few new skins:

    Small Island Sheriff:
    Gavril Grand Marshal
    Gavril Roamer

    Sandy Mountain Fire:
    Gavril Roamer

    Sandy Mountain Emergency Medical Services:
    Gavril D-Series


    Quick reminder to use the thread I created to suggest skin...
    Enjoy them ^^

    Picture made by Shadow...
  3. Big Addition to the Pack!

    Hallo everybody,
    Today I present you the largest additon to this Pack so far. It contains 11 new skins.
    Let's go over them while you reading through this:

    First of all we got the LIMPD (Los Injurus Metroplitan Police Department) which is responsible for the City Area on the Map Los Injurus by bob.blunderton.

    Next up we got Arsana Delivery, which is my own fictional Delivery Services made for a...
  4. First Update

    Helo everybody, hope you all had a good Eastern time (if you celebrate it). I prepeared a few more Skins for all of you, and I'm sure more are on its way :)

    This Update includes two main themes. Drones and Gull Coast.

    NOoSE Tactical Drone Unit:

    Generic Drone Unit:

    Gull Coast Police Skins:
    screenshot_2021-04-08_23-36-00.png screenshot_2021-04-09_01-36-30.png

    I hope you like them, even tho they arent that much as I expected to have finished.
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