Raven R20

The answer isn't always Miata.

  1. Better Shading, Universal Wheels, and other fixes

    Hello, this update brings:
    • Universal wheels (A massive thank you to @Ai'Torror )
    • Fixed Exhaust positions (Thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Better engine sounds (Once again thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Updated Normal map, This fixes the shading artefacts
    • Vehicle Mesh has been updated to fix the shading issues with the side accent line
    • The chassis now has a (basic) specular map
    • Skin UV map has been updated slightly to improve alignment between boot lid and bodywork under roll bar
    • The colour map has been updated to work better with the new lighting system

    The cars appearance now reflects these changes :)
    screenshot_2020-01-16_19-26-34.png screenshot_2020-01-16_20-01-41.png
    ^ gif, click to play ^
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