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Raven R20

The answer isn't always Miata.

  1. Minor Patch: Brake Disks

    Only a minor patch, no new content.
    • Brake disks should now be visible (Error due to a missing '_' in a string name :facepalm:)

    For those looking for a bit more info about future updates: There is new content in the works, but it is delayed due to a RSI health issue.
  2. Patched missing materials

    Some users have had issues with some missing materials, this minor patch fixes that.
  3. Better Shading, Universal Wheels, and other fixes

    Hello, this update brings:
    • Universal wheels (A massive thank you to @Ai'Torror )
    • Fixed Exhaust positions (Thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Better engine sounds (Once again thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Updated Normal map, This fixes the shading artefacts
    • Vehicle Mesh has been updated to fix the shading issues with the side accent line
    • The chassis now...
  4. Assorted fixes

    This update contains
    • Part: Adjustable steering rack part added (Suggested: @PolishPetrolhead )
    • Fix: Fender 3d models are now correctly separate (Bug report: @Blijo )
    • Fix: Brake Caliper 3d model positions fixed on trackday config
    • Fix: Turbo's now make Turbo sounds ( Bug Report: "Garret 15" [YouTube] )

    There is also a wip racing steering wheel part included (because I forgot to remove it before uploading...
  5. Pre-Release Update

    Ensuring that all files are up to date before launch
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