Beta Realistic Cummins Diesel Pack 2.6

Adds 4 of the Cummins B-Series engines and 6 Transmissions

  1. More Vehicles!

    -Added all engines to H-Series
    -Added all engines to Hopper (No hood stack for now)
    -Added Diesel Fuel Tank to Hopper
    -Added all engines to Roamer
    -Added all engines to Freightliner FS-65
    -No configs yet
  2. Small Tweaks

    -Converted sound files from .Wav to .Flac which is what the base sounds use
    -Fixed issue with Semi mudflaps having no texture
  3. Adjusted Exhaust Sound

    -Adjusted exhaust sound volumes for a better sound
  4. Custom Exhaust Sound!!!

    -Used Mortals Cummins N14 engine sounds mod sound files and tweaked them to sound good in Beamng.Drive
    -They are for the 12V and 24V VP44 Engines but if you want them for the 24V Common rail and 24V 6.7L Engines then if you go to Exhaust Manifold and select "2nd Gen Swap Manifold" and it will change the sound:)
  5. More exhaust options!

    -Added 5inch exhaust named "Magnaflow Muffler"
    -Added single bed stack
    -Added hood exit stack, you can find it under "Exhaust Manifold"
    -Added "Hood Cut i6 Stack" hood to use with hood exit stack
    -Thanks to "gta5lover" for the exhaust models!!
    -47RE Transmission shifts faster now
  6. Updated config thumbnails

    -Updated config thumbnails
    -Added Sport configuration
    -Added Street configuration
  7. Fixed Injectors

    -The injectors were adding way less HP then shown in the name
    -Cleaned up torque curves a bit more
  8. More small things

    Sorry for no update in a while, I am trying to figure out how to make a custom 3D model for the engines.

    -Added cold air intake, it adds about 15HP, I will hopefully be making a custom model for it soon:)
    -Fixed Variable Boost Turbocharger not showing up for the 5.9L 6BT 12V Cummins
    -Tuned Variable Boost Turbocharger, It was making the engines more sluggish when cruising at partial throttle
    -Added adjustable Idle for 5.9L 6BT 12V Cummins
    -Tuned torque curves
    -Hopefully all transmissions...
  9. Add Built Trans for 6.7L and Added Variable boost turbos

    -Added Variable boost Turbochargers for all engines
    -Removed Performance turbos because the Variable boost Turbos can make more power
    -Tuned 47RE Transmission to shift at a higher RPM for governor springs
    -Added Built Transmission for 6.7L Cummins
  10. Tuned Transmissions

    - Fixed the engines hitting the rev limiter before shifting (thanks to "ahza2496" for helping me out!)
    - Tuned engines a little bit
    - Tuned a bit of small things
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