Realistic DCT Transmission (Shift Point Fix) 1.0

Fix the shifting point of the DCT Transmission to make it more realistic.

  1. hirochiibishu
    Realistic DCT Transmission - (Shift Point Fix)

    The default DCT Transmission in BeamNG is not realistic especially during low speed driving with low throttle input. First Gear will not shift up until around 3300 RPM in gasoline car, while the rest of the gear will hover around 2000 RPM - 3200 RPM during regular cruising. It should be way lower than that in modern DCT Car (I've ridden in VW's DSG car and i noticed that it keep revs below 2000RPM in regular driving mode). This mods lower the shifting point of the DCT Transmission so that it mimics real DSG car during regular non spirited driving.

    This mod is available for all standard Beam's car that have DCT Transmission option (Modern ETK, Sunburst, SBR4, and Cherrier)

    To enable this mod, simply change the transmission in vehicle config with the "Low Shift" Counterpart, as shown in picture below:


    1. vehicleoption.png

Recent Reviews

  1. NotKingPink
    Version: 1.0
    Instructions unclear I am now in the water
  2. Forward Motion
    Forward Motion
    Version: 1.0
    This definitely makes dual clutch cars feel buttery smooth at low speeds
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