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Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 8 Configs, Parts, Sounds) 1.1.0

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. LionsTheBoss
    Realistic EJ Engine Pack


    This Mod Adds:


    2.0L EJ207 B4 STI Engine - This is the cool Japanese STI engine the Americans never got - Famous for it's great reliability and power potential with simple bolt-ons

    2.5L EJ257 B4 STI Engine - If it weren't for California's strict emissions laws, this engine wouldn't exist - Suffers from ringland and head gasket failure at ~100,000mi - Makes good power though

    2.0L EJ205 B4 WRX Engine - This is the Japan only lower end version of the EJ207 engine - Makes similar power to the EJ207 with a simple bolt-on VF37 STI turbo

    2.5L EJ255 B4 WRX Engine - The detuned WRX version of the US EJ257 - Makes a lot of power with bolt-ons - Suffers the same high piston tolerance reliability issues with the EJ257


    JDM VF37 Twin-Scroll STI Turbo - Makes good high and low end power - Found on the JDM V8-V9 Impreza STIs - Good for up to 450whp

    USDM VF48 JB STI Turbo - Makes good low end power, starts to fall off in the high end - Good for around 400whp

    MHI TD04L-13T JB WRX Turbo - Makes good low end power, starts to fall off near 7500rpm - Found in both US and JDM WRXs - Good for around 300whp

    Cobb 20G BB Turbo w/ Tial 38mm EWG - Makes solid low end and high end power - Great choice for any EJ build - Good for around 450whp

    Blouch Dominator BB 3.5XT-R Turbo w/ Tial 38mm EWG - A pretty beast of a turbo, makes great low end and high end power - Will easily push 650whp in EJ engines

    Garrett GTX4508R SHO Turbo w/ Tial 44mm EWG - An absolute monster turbo, capable of pushing a STI engine to nearly 1000whp

    Engine Internals:

    Manley Forged Internals - Great for engines pushing 400+whp

    Lightweight Forged Internals - Great for builds pushing 650+whp

    Billet Racing Internals - Great for builds pushing 1000+whp


    Available STI Camshaft for WRX Motors - Increases top end power and reduces valve float at high rpms

    Aggressive Racing Cam - Increases top end power - Reduces valve float all the way up to 9200rpm

    Super Aggressive Racing Cam - EJ207 only - Allows for 9600rpm


    Cobb Accessport - Allows adjustments to be made with boost and other engine parameters


    The "Nightmare" - Japan's most feared street car

    JDM 2.0RS Spec-C STI - A special edition of the JDM sti, sporting 400whp, race suspension, and sticky tires

    JDM Pro Rally - An absolute machine on rally stages, Colin McRae would approve
    JDM Amateur Rally - Solid basic rally build ran by many private rally teams

    JDM 2.0RS STI - A very quick Japanese sports car
    JDM 2.0RS WRX - A great bang for your buck sports car
    USDM 2.5RS STI - A great track ready sports car and grocery getter
    USDM 2.5RS WRX - A great value sports car that'll give your neighbors Carrera a run for its money

    Future Plans:

    Make an engine model (Currently in the works)

    Adds more parts

    Fine tune some of the turbo values

    Figure out how to make a equal length header in-game

    Possibly adjust the Autobello sounds


    1. screenshot_2020-06-21_20-04-05.png
    2. screenshot_2020-06-21_19-55-49.png
    3. screenshot_2020-06-21_19-58-39.png
    4. screenshot_2020-06-21_20-08-36.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1.0 - New Config - Happy 4th of July

Recent Reviews

  1. danielmcunha
    Version: 1.0.0
    Very great, but why dont you use the SBR boxer engine with the EJ25 specs?
    1. LionsTheBoss
      Author's Response
  2. Manchu
    Version: 1.0.0
    Finally a good flat 4 mod for the Sunburst! I'm excited to see what's in the works with the custom model and tweaked sounds.
    1. LionsTheBoss
  3. Deleted User 987435132
    Deleted User 987435132
    Version: 1.0.0
    It's good addition for Sunburst. But I think it would be nice to have some parts included in the future!
    1. LionsTheBoss
      Author's Response
      Thank you! There's already a fairly good selection of real life parts, and I plan to add more. As well as possibly adding injector sizes too.
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