Alpha Realistic Police Lights (With realistic illumination, different modes, strobes, customization) v12.5.1

Adds more LEDs with realistic illumination and more to a few vehicles

  1. Realistic Police Lights (With illumination, controllable patterns, strobes, wig wags.)


    Right so to start off some guy named WarDaddy deleted all of the updated files so I had to redo everything. A lot wasn't added back but I just wanted this to get released.
    The main addition to this mod is the rear taillight flashers. Rather than just a dot that lights up in front of the lights, the lights themselves light up. I really like how it turned out. I also took a lot of time working on the undercover light setup. It is the best thing I've done thus far in my opinion. It comes with configs I think. Also, the red white lightbar has been updated, 2 small lightbars on the camper shell if you have it equipped. But there were 100 other things that were supposed to be added so my bad. Added new lightbar texture too.
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