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Revamped CRD Monster Truck 1.14

New and improved Monster Truck for!

  1. FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
    Do you like BIG trucks?

    How about REALLY BIG trucks??

    If so... Here is the biggest, baddest truck of them all! A professionally designed Monster Truck using advanced vehicle technologies drawing inspiration from the Monster Jam™ Monster Trucks you see on TV.

    Put yourself in the cockpit of this amazing machine and feel the massive horsepower delivered to the 66" tires as you mash the accelerator! Hold on tight, because this Monster Truck is equipped with a large 540ci Methanol-fueled "Big-Block" motor, straddled with a 6:7:1 Roots type blower - producing an incredible 1500+hp!

    This Monster Truck is nothing short of high performance with a fully tuneable suspension, engine, transmission, and powertrain.

    In addition to breakable suspension components, this release also features a completely breakable fiberglass body that will disintegrate on impacts!

    If you think you are ready for some high-flying, car-crushing, heavy-landing experience, with an extreme sense of satisfaction from the destruction and carnage left behind – this is the mod for you!

    Trailer by CaptanW:

    A continuation of the original CRD Monster Truck project by SealedGecko.

    New features:

    - Improved handling and performance.

    - Completely redesigned JBeam structures.

    - New Trophy Truck bodystyle (3D model by Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters).

    - New SUV bodystyle (3D model by Klayton Halog@Sim-Monsters).

    - Interchangeable body shells and paint designs.

    - Fully breakable body and suspension.

    - Customisable powertrain and suspension settings.

    - Engine sounds, engine thermals and fire simulation.

    - Animated props.

    - Working RII lights, tow hitch, optional rear-mounted flags and back-up beeper.

    - Optional independent rear steering.

    - Simulated transbrake.

    - N2O injection system.

    - And much more...!

    If you have any previous version of this mod installed, please uninstall it and remember to clear cache before launching the game!

    • Nicholas Kozak@Sim-Monsters - models for chassis, shocks, shafts.
    • Matt Wilkinson@Sim-Monsters - models for axles, knuckles.
    • Andrew Wamsley@Sim-Monsters - models for engine, supercharger, exhaust headers.
    • Klayton Halog@Sim-Monsters - models for transmission, rims, tires.
    • Michael Murray@Sim-Monsters - models for seat, radiators, fuel cell.
    • Ryan McCauley@Sim-Monsters - models for gauges.
    • Chris Hamilton@Sim-Monsters - models for pedals.
    • ROCKGODBOSS - models for rear steering switch, swaybars, fuel line, various minor details of the chassis.
    • SealedGecko - model for fuel cell, special thanks for bringing Monster Trucks to first, and allowing continuation of his project.
    • Matchbox201 - a good friend... and the best collaborator I could ever hope for!
    • Olrosse - various smart contributions to the JBeam rework.
    • acapaldi, Blijo, Mike Bevavava - exceptional graphic artists.
    If I've overlooked for credits, please let me know via PM so that I can fix it!

    Special thanks to:

    All my group members, beta testers and contributors.

    You may not redistribute nor modify this resource without permission!

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.14
  2. Update 1.13
  3. Update 1.12

Recent Reviews

  1. slimpickins
    Version: 1.14
    I'm hyped to see 1.15 update :D
  2. BNG Monster Jam
    BNG Monster Jam
    Version: 1.14
    Just keeps getting better :)
  3. kapg
    Version: 1.14
    AWESOME, Just Awesome.
  4. Dog Rosie
    Dog Rosie
    Version: 1.14
    Best mod ever get's updated not to far apart and i cant wait to see what it will become
  5. max09
    Version: 1.14
    Noice mod bro
  6. Mr. Marbles
    Mr. Marbles
    Version: 1.14
    the details are just sick. dont know if this feels like a real truck, but looking at monster jam footage and then playing it looks really close. also gets updated quite often 10/10
  7. Unster
    Version: 1.14
    I have a very high standard for mods, especially vehicle mods, but this one is nearly excellent and worth keeping! It's comparable to official BeamNG vehicles in quality. The only thing I would like to see improved is the looping quality of the engine sound, especially at full throttle. There is a "pattern" in the loop. Otherwise awesome job!
  8. Long Drifter 1
    Long Drifter 1
    Version: 1.14
    The best monster truck mod i'v ever seen in any games, Good Job mate!!
  9. nyeh heheheh
    nyeh heheheh
    Version: 1.14
    Very nice!
  10. jls412
    Version: 1.14
    Have been hooked to monster trucks ever sense my grandparents took me to a event now all I do is use monster trucks in beam have over 160 hours of using the CRD monster truck keep up the good work!
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