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Revamped CRD Monster Truck 1.16

New and improved Monster Truck for BeamNG.drive!

  1. Update 1.16

    FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
    • Engine and exhaust sounds are now based on the new FMOD sound engine (sound configs by Olrosse and jedipresence).
    • All light emitters are now glowMap-based.
    • Implemented proper methanol simulation.
    • Reworked fuel tank design.
    • Reworked, recalibrated instruments (now including shift light).
    • Reworked transport wheel planetary hubs.
    • Revised default engine management and suspension settings.
    • Revised automatic shifting points.
    • Revised strength parameters for shocks and hubs.
    • Redesigned wheels and steering subsystems to help prevent abnormal parts breakage.
    • Reincluded missing customization options for Linked Rear Steering.
    • Improved swaybar design (using torsionBar beams).
    • Introduced various dynamic improvements, including "anti-wobbling" mechanics for various parts of the suspension (thanks to Olrosse for the suggestion).
    • Implemented "anti-clipping" measures for all body options.
    • Implemented new global "Driver" cam.
    • Fixed malfunctioning "Chase" cam.
    • (SUV) New paint scheme: Koala Konflict, by jedipresence.
    • Various bug fixes and QoL improvements.
    Due to the nature of some changes included in this update, it's highly recommended to clear cache before launching the game!

    Please ensure any addons you might have installed are up to date and compatible with 1.16 before reporting any errors!

    Special thanks to the awesome members of my development team ROCKGODBOSS and jedipresence, to Mike Bevavava for his artistic input, and to gameboy3800 for his test reports and invaluable suggestions fundamental in the development of this update.

    Many thanks to Olrosse for the precious advice and outstanding contributions! :D

    Thanks to all supporters and beta-testers, to my tireless spokesman IAchievedBacon, and, above all, thank you players for downloading and (hopefully) enjoying the result of our endeavors! :)
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