Beta Rift GT 2.0

V12 engine at the front, drive at the rear and a proper manual gearbox in the middle.

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This car is for those who enjoy a real manual transmission and crave the thrill of a high power rear wheel drive car. The gears are long, but the power is usable anywhere between burnouts and aggressive throttle out of a hairpin corner. My inspiration comes from a cross of Aston V12's, the whale tail style 911 and an S2000. I focused mainly on the ability to put the power down out of the corners. It will bite if you're too early on the throttle, but get it right and it pulls hard out of any corner. I'm sure a more skilled driver than myself can shave some time off my laps, but for your entertainment, linked below is me pretending to be good at racing a manual and hotlapping Hirochi. If you liked the car and want to see more mods like this one, drop me a 5 star rating and hit that subscribe button!


    1. RiftGT20photo1.png
    2. RiftGT20photo2.png
    3. RiftGT20photo3.png
    4. RiftGT20photo4.png
    5. RiftGT20photo5.png

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