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Beta RK's Highly Customizables Engine (I5 and V8) [35-60Parts!] 1.3.7

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum!

  1. Some Bug fixes and little tweaks

    Long time no updates, but now i fixed some little things.

    In about 2 weeks i will start reworking the whole engine and will make more frequent updates and also will add new engines :)


    - Fixed Starter, removed cold start + old starter because of problems
    (Sometimes you need to give a little throttle so the starter stops spinning)
    - Fixed Idle RPM
    - Added No ECU
    - Removed 4.6l Block (Stalled and breaked all the time while on throttle)


    - Added I5 and...
  2. Fixed Engine not showing up

    Had a Hard time fixing the v8 not showing up.

    - Fixed that the v8 not showing up on every car.
  3. Fixed V8 for Roamer/Van/Pickup

    -Changed the file structure of pickup/Van/Roamer engine because Roamer didn't show up.
  4. Hotfix for the I5

    -Fixed I5 didn't show up.
  5. Added V8 with +60 Parts!

    -Added V8 with +60 Parts.

    Note: Its not finished, V8 needs some work with the power curve and at some other parts.
  6. Litte Hotfix

    Fix Exhaustheader model doesn't show up on the ETK I and 200bx
  7. Little Hotfix - Edited Turbo file

    Just a little fix on the side

    - Edited Turbo because the idle was to high

    Little Teaser, i have the working v8 but for now only with stock parts, now i will make these aftermarket parts :)
  8. Deleted Engine Breaking File

    Deleted Chargepipe making the engine break
  9. Now 7 More Cars Featured! + Reduced Block

    -Added to ETK 800
    -Added to ETK K
    -Added to Hatch
    -Added to Hopper
    -Added to LeGran
    -Added to Sunburst
    -Added to Miramar

    -Added 2.2 Reduced Engine Block (11'000RPM)
    -Added 2.0 Reduced Engine Block (16'000RPM) Because Why not?

    -Added Faulty Parts

    - Changed Old Starter starting time

    Now i will start making a V8 with those parts. Stay Tuned :)
  10. Added the Engine to more Cars!

    This update adds the engine to other vehicles
    -Added to 200bx
    -Added to ETK i
    -Added to New Pessima

    Also edited the models, to use the model of the car

    Thanks for this Feedback :)
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