Roane County, Tennessee, USA 19.3.1

HUGE 175sq/mi, 193+ miles of roadway, US40 highway, 3 Towns, Signs, Working Traffic Lights, Trees

  1. bob.blunderton
    It's back and it's 1.1GB - Roane County version 19.x for use with BeamNG 19.x. The largest reasonably detailed map you can get your hands on. This is a bug-fix update for 0.19, and it might run a little bit (2~3fps) better in some spots, too.
    1.1GB = bug-fixed version. If you have this, you have it already.
    1.19GB = old version
    REQUIRES 8GB OF SYSTEM RAM! 16GB Recommended.

    DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH LESS or you will get 0xFFFFFFFF error and a crash. AI use extensively may push this requirement even higher, 12~16GB should be plenty of installed memory to run this map well with AI.
    Video Card: High graphics detail requires 4GB~6GB of video memory, so if it gets slow, use medium graphic details which are under 2GB use. Reflections are very heavy, as can be shadows and SSAO also, so turn those down or off if you have trouble.
    CPU: Any CPU that can run West Coast USA can easily run this map.

    Enjoy 175 sq/miles of *REAL* Roane County TN USA terrain with THOUSANDS of hours of work put into it. With almost 200 miles of roads on this map, it's sized bigger than GTAV's map. TWO HUNDRED MILES!
    Includes 14~16(?) miles of real US highway 40 in TN USA mapped into it.
    Includes cities or the beginnings of which:
    Kingston (60% done)
    Rockwood (35% done)
    Harriman (60% done)
    Westel (not yet built)
    Glen Alice (not yet built)
    Mid Way (not yet built)
    Main road network (95+% done)
    AI use of roads and LARGE parking-lots (95% done)
    US 40 highway goes from Kingston-Kentucky Street on the east end to almost two miles west of Westel Rd on the west end, and a big jog up the side of the almost-2000ft elevation Cumberland Plateau, includes most of Roane County, and some of Cumberland County, Tennessee.

    Updates includes but is not limited to:
    *Works great with the traffic tool now by GamerGull (which I've done extensive testing on), most of the update was centered around this new traffic tool, as I've provided a LOT of feedback and testing for it.
    *AI will now hold lane properly on multi-lane routes including divided roadways and 5-lane routes though urban areas. AI will go off jumps in downtown Harriman area, this is intentional and NOT a bug.
    *ALL NEW (well, almost all) bridges that are much closer to AAA quality now. Many bridges have built-in reflectors in them that actually work.
    *UPDATED and ENHANCED highway graphics, they're finally about done.
    *Fixed the no-texture brigade rearing it's ugly head again via the normals (normals are our version of bump-mapping here)
    *Fixed fences 'good enough' for now.
    *Fixed all the intersections that looked bad (well, 90% of them anyways).
    *Longer draw distance by 2.5x than the previous version. No more driving like a chicken without it's head, and now you can see Rockwood from the top of the Plateau (mountain) now (my personal favorite view).
    *Performance is roughly 85~95% as good as the previous version, only down a tiny bit due to the draw distance increase. The Nintendo-64 quality of fog just wasn't growing on me these days, I'd guess.
    *A few of the spawn point previews, and the Roane Racer parody graphic were updated, so look for something new down near the bottom of your map selection screen
    *A few roads that dead-end at the end of the map / game-world DO NOT have AI any longer, this won't be missed much as it's due to me enhancing the AI paths on the rest of the map and hitting previously-unknown 65536 AI-node limits. Yes, I completely maxed the AI on this map - thankfully most of the roads are already in place. Please don't add any more AI-enabled roads of your own in this, or it will break the AI entirely - and that wouldn't be fun.
    *Extremely long list of very minor bugs with graphics, AI, and so-forth fixed, too long to list these things I spent a few hundred hours fixing.
    Things like cars going the wrong way, or driving down the shoulder are history not worth remembering. If you find a spot where the AI always acts up, give me a shout-out on our DISCUSSION forum (not the review!).
    REVIEWS ARE FOR REVIEWS NOT FOR QUESTIONS OR BUG REPORTS ... This resource will be updated about as often as game-updates break it, or shortly following as my schedule allows.

    So sit back and enjoy this map which pushes BeamNG to it's limits and is more of an open-world tech demo than a complete, finished product. That being said, it's still great fun to run and runs way better on 0.14.x and 0.15.x game-versions than previously. This map was only meant to be a tech-demo but ended up being one that's taken over THREE THOUSAND hours of my time (yes, I am physically disabled = lots of computer time).

    This map isn't done, it might never get done, but there will surely be more work on it as time goes by and I have other resources to donate to the project from my main current project. Speaking of which:

    Obligatory plug for Los Injurus City Map project coming to BeamNG!

    Introducing a city map for BEAMNG.DRIVE - yes a CITY map, not a town, a REAL CITY, with subways and an abandoned mall you can both drive through - the beginnings of a military base (currently just a concrete air-strip but more is planned) - and over FOURTY-FIVE UNIQUE MILES OF HIGHWAY for your cruising and crashing pleasure! There's even an early version of the abandoned Packard plant in that map!
    I have a Patreon to help fund that project as I use 3d modeling software (to make my own houses, the bridges for that map and also Roane County got a few of them, this software costs money each month!), and being on a fixed income with doctor bills from being disabled, this makes it a little easier so that modding doesn't drain me dry - that wouldn't be fun. I've even got a legit copy of World Machine 2 for the project thus-far and some sound software to help mix background sound for the map.
    I haven't said the best part of Los Injurus. It contains an 800+ piece modular road kit, so anyone can build their own city in the editor, just like Simcity 4 or other city builders (okay maybe more time consuming!). This kit, when the map is released, will be free-use to other modders and mappers. Most all the resources from this map are all new and custom-created from scratch by me (with a few select ones donated in by kind folks supporting the project) - even lots of textures are created in-house here.
    If you loved the old So-Cal Interstate map that never had even a single sign or building in it, you'd be happy to know that's where Los Injurus is being built and it will be awesome! <-- Patreon for Los Injurus project. Thread link is here --> Come and stop in and say 'Hey, how you doin'?' and see the latest progress, even if you don't have cash on hand or otherwise unable to donate, we'd love to hear from you! Some models will even be 'back-ported' into this Roane County TN map from Los Injurus to enhance and upgrade this map.

    Pictures following are of the current 0.15.2.x Roane County version and may be demonstrating the traffic mod and/or a few downloaded vehicle mods in use. Please support my map mods via the Patreon link above if you have even a dollar to spare and you enjoy them and find them fun. It supports an almost-40-year-old ME and helps me use my over-four-year-old computer and legit professional (licensed!) software to make awesome mods, and also get to the doctor and pay the bill when it comes time. I am physically disabled with a seriously injured back, but support should not come out of pity, do it only if you enjoy my maps, and ONLY if you can afford it - as we all have to eat & keep a roof over our heads.

    Software that is used to create this map: 0.4.x ~ 0.15.x.
    Paint dot net & GNU Image Manipulation Tool, Blender, Notepad++ (free)
    L3DT Pro, World Machine 2, Maya LT (all commercial).
    Proudly made on my 4.5-year-old still-proudly-Windows-7 computer.

    Credits are as-per signs on the highways in the map, thanks to everyone who helped & many additional thanks to those supporting Los Injurus project on Patreon!
    Thanks to SynSol for hosting assistance with a map 2.5x too large to normally fit on here. Thanks also to GamerGull for the awesome traffic tool. Thanks to the BeamNG developers for the most awesome game ever - and if they choose to hire me - I will still map here on the side!
    I couldn't do it without all of you - and what I could have done alone wouldn't be nearly as fun.
    This map and the traffic tool this update is decidedly for, has been a community effort, as has this game for a large-part. Now go enjoy the map!

    This map would not be possible without the help of the following wonderful people:
    Me - Mapping, terrain, road graphics, some signs.
    @Occam's Razer - House models and textures for the assets from Garfield Heights
    @RedRoosterFarm - Awesome signs that look the part
    @chris_lucas - Train and Railroad track models
    @MitchB25 - Traffic signals from the Expressway map
    @Username - for previous mirror hosting before this was on the forums - thanks!
    @Ouerbacker - who's past maps inspired me to make something great, and also for the base graphic for the cliffside variation texture used sparsely in this map.
    @synsol and @meywue - for helping me get this hosted - thanks guys - love this game.
    @JDMClark for sending in some shots of Rockwood and giving some of a local's input etc. THANKS!
    @fufsgfen For the bridge pillar models after the game update ate mine.
    If I've missed anyone, feel free to message me a big smack in the face and let me know.


    1. screenshot_2019-03-02_22-28-29.jpg
    2. screenshot_2019-03-03_11-57-06.jpg
    3. screenshot_2019-03-03_19-05-02.jpg
    4. screenshot_2019-03-09_10-29-48.jpg
    5. screenshot_2019-03-09_13-23-23.jpg
    6. screenshot_2019-03-09_13-25-10.jpg
    7. screenshot_2019-03-10_20-34-05.jpg
    8. screenshot_2019-03-11_20-02-05.jpg
    9. screenshot_2019-03-12_06-47-28.jpg
    10. screenshot_2019-03-12_06-48-43.jpg
    11. screenshot_2019-03-12_06-49-26.jpg
    12. screenshot_2019-03-12_06-52-54.jpg
    13. screenshot_2019-03-12_06-53-31.jpg
    14. screenshot_2019-03-12_21-42-04.jpg
    15. screenshot_2019-03-12_22-14-54.jpg
    16. screenshot_2019-03-13_00-37-14.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Manuqtix
    Version: 19.3.1
    Railroad not perfect trains keep derailing
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      The train feature is a bonus and not really something intended for extended use. The lack of precision in floating-point coordinates (float = rounded) means the tracks can move an inch or two this way or that between run-times of the map (times it's loaded up). So even if I had them perfect, the size of this map + floating point coordinate issues = fail.
      Please stick to using the roads only, and only using the tracks to crash trains into cars. Sorry but there's nothing I can do about the trails derailing.
      The precision issue is magnified by map size, the larger the worse it is. So the tracks should work fine in Los Injurus if you need to use them badly.
      I wish I could have given you a better answer, but this is inherently a limitation of the game engine and nothing I can fix within reason.
  2. Leon_Rot
    Version: 19.3.1
    Really good Map, love it, just awesome with the big Size and it still gives fairly good Performance!

    Only issue im having is that the View Distance seems to be really low, when i drive down a Highway i can see the Trees and Mountains showing up slowly.

    Other than that, easily 5/5 :D
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      The low visibility keeps the FPS up. I wish it did not have to be like this (and in the future, I will re-do the map once Los Injurus is close to done or completely done, to help this), but it must be like this to keep FPS high in such a large map.
      Doubling the view distance makes the FPS dive to about 1/2, or less FPS, as the amount of distance is a radius around the player. That mean things in the mirrors, things in-front of you, and things to the sides (what is still in view anyways) are all being drawn 2x as far out. This adds A LOT of work for the CPU (not as much for a GPU oddly enough) due to all the extra render (draw) calls, causing FPS to drop and the CPU usage to spike. Downtown Harriman is already possibly the worst-performing spot on any map in the entire game, and this is the only thing that saves the bacon.
      In the future I may be able to remedy this, but it will be after Los Injurus is completed and I will then be porting models from that over to this map as they're more optimized for speed.
      --Glad you enjoyed the map. An update to THIS map may be posted Mid-July or so. This date is not set in stone however.
  3. Drivesafe4
    Version: 19.3.1
    Love this map, love this game, but these updates really get on my goddamn nerves at times. Now the roads have "NO NORMAL" written on them for some reason. This map worked perfectly back in March.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      The March 2021 update caused the old 2016-era texture normals (bump mapping) and possibly a few specular mapping textures to break, but the main visible (diffuse/colormap) texture works fine.
      So the map works, but the extra texture layers broke due to no longer supporting the old PNG normals. That's alright though, it is over-due for an update and will get it this summer, though it's only going to be a patch for compatibility reasons (not a map progress update).
      Do know an update is coming sometime possibly by mid-July.
    Version: 19.3.1
  5. Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Version: 19.3.1
    Great map, very nice easter eggs, almost Grand Theft Auto esk. I love going around and cruising just having fun. The only issue I have found is cars kind of shake. It seems like everything in the car is shaking, on all models. If that ever gets fixed, it would be an absolutely perfect map!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      The shaking is due to inherent limitations of floating point processor operations / design of the game & physics engine. Normally, you don't notice this, but get a few miles out from the center and you'll see a tiny bit of vibration. Go a few miles more and it's a notable shake. Go a few miles more and it's really starting to look like the vehicle is on it's last legs - or is that wheels? Continue for about 100 miles in the same direction away from the world center (which is what matters) and the vehicle will be all over the screen!
      Floating point operations are exactly that: a FLOAT, or rounded numbers; not medically precise like an arithmetic logic unit (ALU, a standard CPU core) would put out. Though, that being said, ALU operations take much longer VS FPU operations - which is why we can simulate 2 vehicles per modern 4+ ghz core VS a slide show.
      The vibrations are only visual, there is no detriment to the physics engine.
      So basically, while you love the map, and I've put thousands of hours into working on it; please do not dock the review over something I have no ability to change/fix/do anything about.
      I do appreciate you taking time to review, however.
  6. Train Fan
    Train Fan
    Version: 19.3.1
    can be 5 but have 1,1 GB :D
  7. RWG88
    Version: 19.3.1
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks for going the extra mile - literally!
      I will check the video out when I have some free time, and a decent internet connection. Thanks again and feel free to make some Los Injurus videos if you have the desire to!
  8. kHawks1357
    Version: 19.3.1
    Seems like a great map, only problem is it crashes my game while loading. It says cannot resize 1440 2560.

    I am using an intel i3 9100f and an AMD rx590 for a house. I have 16gb of ram so I am not sure what the issue is.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Might be a game engine bug, not my map. Consider setting your resolution to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 (whichever suits your monitor best), and then trying. That should fix your issue. I will let the developers know of this bug as it's likely not my map.
  9. xuey-s
    Version: 19.3.1
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      You found the Easter-Egg, congrats!
      Glad you enjoyed the map buddy.
    Version: 19.3.1
    Deadly good map !
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks - when you want to just drive, or have a good car chase for miles, this is the go-to for it. It's not super detailed, but can't argue with pure road mileage, even if the car seems to vibrate when you get closer to the map edges (it's a limitation that is merely visual and does not affect physics in any way). And to think, I was told this map wouldn't be possible and would never work. Never hurts to try!
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