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Rockheap - The Volcanic Rally Course .91

Comes with custom configs, scenarios, and functional lava. Inspired by the MotorStorm series.

  1. DuneWulff
    (welcome to...)

    The Rally Course of Fire and Brimstone

    This course takes inspiration from the Fire Zone courses of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift as well as some inspiration from MotorStorm: Apocalypse.

    In this course, you'll be racing around an active volcanic mountainside. Sulfuric fumaroles, lava pit craters, and huge lava fields hide beneath the towering clouds of ash and fog. The extreme heat surrounding the fields of molten rock distorts the air around it. Remnants of buildings overcome by the pyroclastic flows are scattered around the course.
    Oh, and the lava is functional. Go ahead and try it.

    This course come with a total of thirteen scenarios and five custom vehicle configurations.
    Those vehicles are:

    The Purrformance D-series Racing Truck

    The Varjack H-series Mud Plugger

    The ZERO Covet Supermini

    The RAMROD Big Rig

    The Sakura Rally Car
    Other info:
    There is AI support. It isn't perfect and still needs some work.
    The lava is functional and destroys cars. Small lava pockets simply ignite cars.
    Flamethrowers & sulfur are just decorations and won't destroy your car.
    Lava has no density (for the reason below), instead the lava texture has parallax mapping.
    There are visible air distortions around large lava pools. (made with invisible wave blocks)

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Recent Reviews

  1. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: .91
    My car keeps on falling apart at random places.
  2. G-Farce
    Version: .91
    To replicate the look of Motorstorm is one thing but to translate the feel and driving experience so completely is another. Colour me impressed!
    The undulations and layout are absolutely nailed to a motorstorm track, you can take a jump at high speed and not come to a screeching halt on the landing with land perfectly shaped to catch your trajectory. Awesome as is the shortcuts and design. Unlike anything else on the repo and must be driven to be understood how good of a Motorstorm Tribute this is. Love the cars too!

    Wonder how a track with this level of awesomness can be made but with canyons and environment of UTAH, with cues to the demo track in the original Motorstorm demo
  3. Jon the VGNerd
    Jon the VGNerd
    Version: .91
    Looks pretty nice, just needs a Time Trial added for us to do Time Trial runs with different vehicles, especially a Bus.
    Version: .91
    A map just like I used to figure
  5. FoundOnRoadDead
    Version: .91
  6. bob.blunderton
    Version: .91
    5 stars for working lava - no doubt!
    Had great fun getting my '88 Pessima "Rustoleum Racing Special" around the course a few times, and with multiple routes, it wasn't played out so quickly.
    When that eventually got tiresome, I opted to bring in the reserves.... 20 pianos and a truck. I jammed about 3/4ths of the pianos in the truck and had a good time driving around the track in a T-65 box upfit, with a t1000 modded turbo (which will burn the tires off if I am not careful, but I love a giant truck that burns rubber). It was priceless trying not to roll it, or seeing the lava pits too late and hitting them and exploding.
    Let's just say it's not a very 'smooth' road surface (as it's not intended to be) and thus my ears had the joyous monotony of piano muzak until I hit enough air time to tenderize said offending pianos enough to shut them up.
    Eventually, the physics on my truck died an untimely death, so I resorted to running a rusty Oldsmobile into the piano heap that was left after the truck carrying them was removed. I had a good solid hour of fun at-least on what is a 'fantasy setting' loop course, almost unheard of for me as loop courses aren't normally my thing.
    A few blind crests aside, I really didn't have much of an issue here. Nothing a few additional decal-style hints on the road-surface couldn't hint out if they were included in future revisions or maps (arrows, skid-marks).
    And of-course, it has lava. How could this not be included in any map where it's relevant in a car-crashing/wrecking game???
    -Fun map!
  7. Trastorno
    Version: .91
    Your levels keep getting better and better. You do have a bit of a problem with blind crests, though - in all three of your Motorstorm levels so far, there are a few locations where you have to turn immediately after a crest, and you don't see any signposts until it's too late. Either way, your work really brings back the atmosphere of the Motorstorm festival - keep it coming.
  8. Brickturn
    Version: .91
    When I was about 6 or 7 "Dante's Peak" and "Volcano" Came out on screen. This map somehow reminds me of those movies, absolutely great map reminding me of great movies. 5/5 my guy.
  9. 14lightningwolf
    Version: .91
    love the style perfect for videos
  10. LucasBE
    Version: .91
    Awesome! That's great work.
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