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Beta RogueSoldier152's Huge Car Pack PART 1 1.3

From Supercars to SUV's-Always being updated

  1. RogueSoldier152
    IF YOU ENJOY THIS MOD, PLEASE DOWNLOAD PART TWO HERE: https://www.beamng.com/resources/roguesoldier152s-huge-car-pack-part-2.12445/
    I had to make a part two, because the file was too large, and this seems like the most convenient way for you guys. Please download it and rate.

    This is my first pack mod for Automation. It includes an always expanding number of cars. A few of the cars are IRL 'clones' while some are my own design. All of the cars' name include a year to differentiate my cars from others. Some of the cars are basic, and some I've "messed" with Notepad++ I've also included my most recent mod, the Regelion Dieron.
    The V2 Rascal Kamion is included as well. This pack will be updated quite often, so please subscribe! If you have any questions about any cars, or any issues, please message me. Enjoy!!!
    screenshot_2020-04-08_23-06-15.png screenshot_2020-04-09_18-18-48.png screenshot_2020-04-17_11-44-07.png screenshot_2020-04-08_23-10-27.png
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