SBR4 Plug-in-Hybrid 1.0

Combustion in the back, electric in the front

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The cvt code is borrowed from default0.0players mod, if he doesn't allow this, I'll take the mod down.
    Also, credits for TommoT, who helped me improving the whole battery-situation.

    This mod allows you to have an electric engine spinning the front wheels of your sbr, whilst a normal sbr engine spins the rear ones. Turn off the engine, get you car into neutral and push the gas to use e-Mode.
    The mods adds four variants to the SBR4, aswell as the needed parts to mess around on your own.

    The Base model is just the SBR4 Base, but with a 200hp electric motor at front, that works up to 114kph.
    The PLH-S has a 2.5L engine with few minor performance improvements and the same electric setup as the Base.
    The Turbo is... Turbocharged, has a 2.0L engine and better handling. Same electric setup.
    The Turbo K-Perfomance has a variable hybrid fuel tank system (thanks to TommoT), variable Twin Turbos, a 2.5L engine and a high-performance electric engine at the front wheels, that works up to 270kph. It has improved handling, full race brakes and is mindblowing fast. Will crush everything at a drag strip (that's road legal...). Over 1000 peak Horsepower.

    Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png

    Things I'm happy about, cause they work:
    -the cvt cuts the electric engine off, when the PLH engines settings would limit the top speed.
    -the hybrid battery works after a lot of try in error
    -the car certainly drives good
    -in neutral, you can turn off the engine and only use the electric stuff to drive

    - the hybrid battery loads mesh for battery and engine, that puts too much load/tension/stress on the front axles so they break really often... -Fixed!
    -I have no idea how to make a config so you wouldn't need to make one yourself. -Fixed!
    - the mod in general is stuffed together and made badly af, the front engine works but the torquecurve for example doesn't know it etc. Also, I'm still not sure if the battery drains or not. -Fixed!

Recent Updates

  1. Fully working

Recent Reviews

  1. Rallu
    Version: 1.0
    A very good idea, but it makes my force feedback go nuts.
  2. iheartmods
    Version: 1.0
    This is an excellent idea. There's a couple of thing to fix. The front electric motor is really shaky and unstable, and it spases out my force feedback on my wheel. Also, reverse does not work.
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Yes, reversing doesn't work correctly. A good workaround is it, to softly increase throttle.
  3. ㅤWU_UTㅤ
    Version: 1.0
    Okay I dig it , nice work.
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  4. Clemens1441
    Version: 0.5
    Found a nice thing u can use other front eletric motor if u need more power or something :) PS nur leider echt vorne sehr schwer .. ;D
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Yes you can use those as i mentioned in the describtion, i just recommend my optimized motor.
  5. carsmin
    Version: 0.5
    nice job.
    i wish the cvt maker allows you
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thanks ^^
      I'm hoping it too. Btw you can still download his mod and use his great cvt on every car
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