Scarpa F1 V8 Tributo 1.1

Scarpas tribute to the V8 F1 era... but roadlegal and turbocharged

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The 1.1 Update fixes the flitched rear end from the first time I exported it from automation. Also, everything looks better because of the newer exporter version.
    screenshot_2021-09-12_16-36-23.png screenshot_2021-09-12_16-36-12.png
    Since 2014, the Formula 1 uses V5 engines.
    Because of the end of the V8 era, Scarpa designed their newest hypercar around the 2.4l V8 used in their formula 1 cars.

    Because teh original F1 engine revs up to 16k rpm, need race fuel and has basically no torque, at least not enough to move a car from 0 to 10 kph in normal traffic etc, changes needed to be made. The result was a twin turbo charged, 12k rpm engine with realöly similar power output but 488 NM of torque.

    The car has rwd, no driving aids besides barely functioning ABS (dunno why it works so bad) and because of its ultra low weight, even the "just" 720hp move the car as fast as 1500 hp move a Bugatti Chiron /from 200 - 300).
    It is somewhat challenging to drive, but learning to drive it is toally worth it.

    screenshot_2021-06-27_00-22-22.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-22-32.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-22-50.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-23-04.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-23-16.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-23-46.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-23-34.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixeed rear end exporter Bug

Recent Reviews

  1. User564878321654
    Version: 1.1
    the interior is very good and the desing is really sick, thanks for the car
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