[ Scintilla + V8 Diesel] RK's Highly Customizable Engines (12 Enginestypes!) 3.3.0

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum! Now even better!

  1. I6 Engine + Working Valve Exhaust Update!

    With the new system, its so much easier to add new engines :)

    - Added I6 Engine for every car!
    - Added Valve Exhaust in the ECU (Toggle with ctrl + q)
    ATTENTION: Cars which already have Drivemodes, need to be removed the drivemode part first, otherwise the car breaks
    - Added indestructible Valvesprings, no more Overrev
    - Added bigger Cam with more idleroughness
    - Fixed Optimized ECU didn't added more power
    - Fixed Radiator cooling power, now much stronger

    If you like the mod and want to support me, you can support me now Here.


    1. Screenshot_36.png
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