Beta Slammed D Series (Notched Frame) 1.87

D Series with a notched frame

  1. xXGameGlitchXx
    This mod is still a major work in progress, but thought I'd share it here
    Things that are completed:
    Notched Frame
    Lower Suspension
    JBeam the Frame
    Lower front suspension
    Different frames
    Cut Bed so the diff and shock mounts dont clip
    Support for @SamRaf's Semi Wheels mod

    Air bag suspension

    I'm currently in school and don't have much time to do frequent updates, I have a big update planned so please be patient, I may not respond to reviews very fast.
    If anyone has texturing experience please DM me please. Discord: spook#4646

    Things to be completed:
    Proper frame model

    Stronger Jbeam
    widebody kit maybe (not confirmed)
    Little fixes

    YOU WILL NEED Project 2-piece AND D-Troxx Wheel Pack TO LOAD CONFIGS AND Gravil Semi Wheels TO LOAD DUALLY

    There are 7 configs (more to come)
    D15CrewLongBedSlammed.png d15v8slammed.png d15crewcabslammed.png d15shortslammed.png D15ExtendedCabSlammed.png D15ShortExtendedCabSlammed.png d25extendedcabdually.png
    Special Thanks to:
    @Meo_3000_QC for the rear axle and general assistance

    @LionsTheBoss for testing and help
    @LJ74 For JBeam help
    @ryakra for modeling help
    @Ai'Torror for air suspension help

    Pics of mod:

    20210706222854_1.jpg 20210706083656_1.jpg 20210705231008_1.jpg 20210706181901_1.jpg 20210706222336_1.jpg 20210706222830_1.jpg 20210706222701_1.jpg 20210706222722_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Little fixes
  2. Air suspension fixes
  3. Added Air Suspension and little fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: 1.87
    Speed bump: *laughs in evil*
  2. AndySchwarzenegger
    Version: 1.87
  3. mickrobot
    Version: 1.86
    how does the air suspension work? i tried using the standard keybinds and tried setting my own. do i need a different mod for this to work?
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      You might have a mod that has keybinds for the d series already installed, it will interfere with my mod and other mods, just send me a dm and I'll take a look at it
  4. Theodore The Class B20
    Theodore The Class B20
    Version: 1.86
    The rims are missing in all of these? is there a mod i'm missing?
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      It says in the description
  5. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.85
  6. DriftBoi
    Version: 1.85
    this is really nice i recommended this to anyone who likes lowered trucks very well done.
  7. KillerBee 2
    KillerBee 2
    Version: 1.85
    This has to be one of my favorite mods yet. The notched frame and other great options allowed me to make some sick racing trucks. Keep it up man... you nailed it.
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support!
  8. Kona61
    Version: 1.8
    I'm very glad someone actually pursuing this. Good job!
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      Hope you enjoy
  9. MrSir
    Version: 1.7
    agree with Bexcon. This is so rad. A mix between this frame and those semi wheels would be so dope
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      Added! Some of the frames are kinda buggy, will fix later
  10. Braskus
    Version: 1.7
    Fantastic Mod.. I would love to see a narrow rear axle tho. So it would be possible to use this to make a very low and fast drag truck. Currently the slicks clip through the bed even at minimum offset.
    1. xXGameGlitchXx
      Author's Response
      It's going to clip, but if you want a drag truck just use Meo's drag pack with my frame and you'll get the same result since I'm using his rear axle jbeam
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