Outdated Sonne Perfomace Pack 1.0

Outdated and unsupported, sorry!

  1. RetrO_TyT
    Oh, I haven't made mods in a long time. Recently I decided to create a pack with different configurations. Three quiet evenings, and here he is it. I hope you will like it. I don't know what to say. See you on the Polish Emergency Service Pack update.
    150 A, 150 B Seconda edizione, 150 Seconda edizione, Perfomance, 150 Manuale
    150_a.png 150_b2.png 150_m.png 150_v2.png perfomance.png
    DT40L & T-series:
    DT40L Start, T65&T75 Start, T75 Start Cargo
    In 1987 Gavril featuring with Wentward started the <<start>> program. It meant the release of new cheap and lightweight as well as low-power versions of the T-series and DT40L
    start.png t75_start.png t65_start.png t75_start_cargo.png
    ETK K-Series:
    Base i4 config with 6-speed manual transmission
    90's Pessima:
    DX 1.6 A & DX 1.6 Taxi:
    One of standart Pessima configs, but its not fast and powerful. Moreover, Ibishu says that it has 1.6 engine, but in reality it has 1.8 engine
    dx_16_a_taxi.png dx16_a.png
    Perfomance-Luxe - two words - Japan Quality
    Base 1.8 A:
    Chepap and lack of power. Perfect for young driver
    320 GT, 390, 390 Bicolore, 390 GT, Sonne, Nibbetto
    320_gt.png 390.png 390_2tone1.png 390_gt.png sonne_390.png nibba.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Passima_Fan
    Version: 0.1
    I really like the simple but nice look of the cars, also what's been changed on the red passima?
    1. RetrO_TyT
      Author's Response
      Just made some engine "tuning". Tried to make it powerless .
      And thank you for your rating!
  2. Cutlass
    Version: 0.1
    wow, really cool
    1. RetrO_TyT
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