South-Loop Race 2.1

A race through the south loop of Gull Coast.

  1. Deniscua
    Version: 2.1
    Great race, my best time 02:02.34. That would be in beamng added a global high score table for the scenarios to play would be much more interesting.
  2. Gamergull
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent work! I may be a bit biased with the map, but the course is quite challenging and I played it for almost an hour to try to get a great time. My last run was 2:00.5; I was surprised! Anyhow, the only nitpick I have with this is that some of the waypoints didn't cover the apex of a few turns; even though I avoided extreme corner cutting, I missed a few by a hair. It's mostly around the cliff roads area. So yeah, keep it up! Time trial scenarios are a joy to play.
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