Alpha Spaniel Dash F4 1.2

A small, lightweight RWD British deathtrap of a sports car.

  1. tnt22331144
    The Spaniel Engineering company built the Dash F4 from 1990 to 1995, being popular with people that do not have much to live for and skilled drivers alike. The car is notoriously hard to control around corners, oversteering even at speeds of up to 80 MPH (129 KPH).
    The Dash F4 also has a turbocharged variant, the F4T. The F4T can theoretically reach speeds excess of 150 MPH (241 KPH). Although we couldn't go that fast because we ran out of beach.

    Yes I made that post on twitter, it is not stolen.


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    2. screenshot_2022-05-17_18-13-05.png

Recent Updates

  1. 1.2 Interiors
  2. 1.1 Handling and Race Variant
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