Spartan Sunburst ER-10 E2.0

The Trackday street legal little sister of the SR21

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    "The United motors alliance was formed when Spartan offered a collab with Sunburst on a street legal trackday car that became the Spartan Sunburst ER10. From there, Spartan and Sunburst Automotives started sharing their buildings, dealerships and even resources."

    Sunburst and Spartan present:...
    The Spartan Sunburst ER10

    This car was fully designed by Phirebird(spartan), engineered by Cosmic(Previously known as Rumble) and Jbeam engineered by OME
    with the help of JustOli's amazing code!

    The ER10 is perfect for the one that wants to have some nice and cheap trackday fun while also being able to drive their own car to the track and back home!

    Full spec list:
    • A Turbocharged V6 producing aprox 370HP
    • Semi slick tyres
    • RWD
    • A fully functional simple race interior


    Italian "Spartan Automobilismo SA" and Romanian "Sunburst Automotive" have come together to create this lightweight, ground-gripping track beast called the ER-10 to initiate a partnership for future collaborations in various niches of exotic Automobiles.

    And no kidding was it going to be the best alliance! This car is really a track beast with amazing handling, a very good sounding engine producing just enough power to make this car perfect!


    "Sunburst... memories that last forever"
    You can get this amazing car at the low price of 20000€(VAT Included)

    (You can join our community here:

    (Thank you for getting this far, drive safe :D)

Recent Updates

  1. Quick Sunburst ER-10 hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDig
    Version: E2.0
    Hello. I tested your car on different tracks and there is my conclusion about this car:
    It's really fast for it's amount of power. It is very light, so it has no problems with acceleration and slowing down. Top speed not expected to be any fast, because the point of this car is to be tracks beast. The only thing I didn't like about this car: handling sometimes feels stiff. But overall the car is really fun to drive.
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Well the handling was made so its that way, anyway thanks for the review
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