Beta Standalone Prop Laptop+Openable Bastion computer 2.6b

It's a Laptop, Run it over . Amuse yourself by its opening abillity. Stomp on it.

  1. Fixed Laptop burning more than it should

    Vibestation 5
    General patch fix 2.6B, Fixes burning rate
  2. Removed redundant instances in code

    Vibestation 5
    Removed mentions of mounts for the computer mount used in Bastion on standalone version.
  3. Harness the power of a laptop opening in the Police Bastion.

    Vibestation 5
    There is no configuration for it. Go in the parts menu (CTRL W). Interior>Center Console>Police Laptop> Police Laptop (Openable)

    very educational video on how the lore works.
  4. The Opening Update.

    Vibestation 5
    Laptop Can open up and down now. Press O on the Keyboard to open the laptop.

    You can watch your favourite videos on the site that has the play button as a logo, and i dont know if "Play button" counts as a trademark. Don't sue me. Preview Video right below.
  5. The Fiery Anti-virus Update

    Vibestation 5
    Laptop burns now, removed unused code involving beams to Bastion's laptop mount as it was not included in the model or JBeam. How to burn it you may ask, As adding in rupturing like a car was a bit too hard for me, i decided to make it so you have to use the radial menu
    Radial Menu>Fun Stuff>Fire

    Surely your laptop wont explode like that certain phone of 2016. Some could say it was the hottest phone of 2016. Someone please get me the fire extinguisher right now! I could use one...
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