Beta Steering angle grip limiter 2.15

Limit steering angle based on grip available

  1. LoSboccacc
    Steering helper that help you controlling your car without exceeding your car grip

    if you find any issue with specific vehicles, please report them in the relative thread

    what it does?
    - controls wheel lateral forces and reduces steering when one approaches grip limit
    - works for understeer and oversteer
    - reduce steering to prevent power steering out of control in rwd cars
    - moves the steering faster when you need it for recentering and fast direction changes
    - turns the wheel in the travel direction to keep the car steady during oversteer

    how it works?


    because I don't have money for a wheel, driving with keyboard is ass, people told it was impossible, and I grew annoyed at all of that


    now comes with an app to check what's doing and turn it off if needed be

    footage taken with controller, direct filter and no speed limiter:

    keyboard footage:

    a note of warning: using this mod let you drive closer to the limit at all time but you still lack the flexibility and convenience of a steering wheel so issues with standard car tunes are way more evident. in general you want a softer rear for rwd and a degree or two of toe out for awd, especially for fast offroading.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Respvin
    Version: 2.15
    Thanks for the walking fix! Works excellent.
  2. Nivracer
    Version: 2.15
    I absolutely love this! This is the kind of support I'd love to see officially for controllers.
  3. G-Farce
    Version: 2.15
    Very cool. I like how you channeled your rage into making this amazing thing
  4. Inline6lover26
    Version: 2.15
    Just did a full speed time trial on Pikes Peak with this. (using a keyboard)
    made my Hillclimb Wendover absolutely easy to handle.

    Wish i could give this 6 stars.
  5. D/C
    Version: 2.12
    This is very much a needed feature, thank you
  6. Respvin
    Version: 2.12
    Changes the way I drive with my X360, thank you so much.
    Though, it breaks walking mode. It can be reproduced by disabling all other mods, restarting the game, getting out of a car and trying walking.
    1. LoSboccacc
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot for the bug report it should be fixed now
  7. ARES IV
    Version: 2.12
    Thank you for this very cool mod!
  8. luiswellenkamp
    Version: 2.11
    It is excellent! A feature this game desperately wanted. I have been wondering if there was ever going to be a steering damper to simulate how I would actually drive with a wheel, and now I have my answer. It works really well at higher speeds, but at lower speeds (maneuvers) it once in a while doesn't turn full-lock. It could also be just a little bit smoother, but it could come at the cost of steering response/reaction, and I don't think it is a good trade-off. Otherwise, excellent work, amazing mod.
  9. makkepuu
    Version: 2.11
    Loved it but after the latest update it causes errors
  10. XTeeManX
    Version: 2.11
    Very awesome concept. I'm rating 5/5 based on what I've seen from other people. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it working properly. with my controller.

    I have the UI App installed and it's active, but it simply doesn't steer. When I try to turn, it turns like 2 inches and wont go further unless I slam on the brakes. What settings do I need in the game options? Could you post a screenshot/tutorial possibly?
    1. LoSboccacc
      Author's Response
      yeah it's supposed to turn less, watch the G meter to see if it's working; I've put together an explanation video there - if the g indicator is much less than you can do with the steering helper off, please indicate the vehicle that's giving you issues
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