Beta Steering angle grip limiter 2.15

Limit steering angle based on grip available

  1. fix walking mode

    fix walking mode
  2. changed on/off to keep oversteer correction

    on/off button is now controlling only the steering limiter, oversteer control remains enabled as it's easy to override with just standard inputs
  3. removed debug draw

    removed debug draw, reduced wheel shacking at low speed
  4. tuned steering parameters

    various tuning to slip angles for awd under accelleration.
  5. fixed packaging

    fixed packaging
  6. slow speed turn workaround

    linear interpolation of the max steering lock going from 0 to 50ish for better handling at low speed
  7. offroad fixes

    some more leeway for fast off-roading
  8. fix steering getting stuck

    fixed a bug where steering was slow to respond if clutch disengaged during a change of direction
  9. added app for controlling the functionality

    added app to control the functioning of the sistem

    find it under SimpleSteeringC


    the two bars show the raw input and the controlled input
  10. slightly less lively oversteer for 2wd

    slightly faster at catching oversteers
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