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Alpha Tavaci Monadnock 9/3/18

It's a long and blisteringly fast way down.

  1. DuneWulff
    Tavaci Monadnock

    The Rock of the Sun

    - It's a long way down. -

    screenshot_00128.png screenshot_00125.png screenshot_00126.png

    Tavaci Monadnock was once a miner's dream. The rocks were filled with silver, copper, and gold.
    But once the stone ran dry, the serenity of the mountain's many couloirs and gorges was broken by the sound of crunching metal and roaring engines.

    Off-road enthusiasts and lunatics alike flocked to Tavaci Monadnock to become one with their inner adrenaline junkie and fly amongst the birds.

    Over nearly 35 years, the mountain has transformed from a miner's paradise to massive downhill competition.

    screenshot_00108.png screenshot_00127.png screenshot_00090.png

    Tavaci Monadnock is a mountain somewhere deep in Southern Colorado. It features numerous paths and trails, all of which are named and have unique features, alongside an extremely detailed environment complete with wildlife , sound effects, and a custom skybox. All designed, painted, and decorated, by hand.

    Tavaci Monadnock features a random spawn system which spawns the player at one of four peaks. At the bottom areas of all of the trails are "balloon lifts" that teleport the player to whatever peak they chose.

    There are also eight coyotes hidden around the map. They bark and howl when you get close to them. Should you find one, take a picture. If you take a picture of all eight and PM me them, you get a special vehicle. :)
    - Sandpits are meant to slow your vehicle down through areas that can be especially difficult to navigate.
    - Teleport pads are found in the warehouse on the bottom-left and behind the machinery on the bottom-right. Just drive into each logo to get teleported there.
    - Only one side of the map is finished. Two sides are WIP and one side hasn't been worked on yet.

    - Due to scheduling constraints of my new design job, this map may not be updated for a long time.
    - A lot was planned for this map, a full trailer and numerous custom vehicles but due to the issue above this may not happen.
    - Map still needs file management to be completed.
    - Any bugs or errors you find should be put in the discussion board but I can't really control where you put them so lol
    -Non-path terrain is rocky and chunky - this is deliberate.
    - The map is pronounced TAH-VAH-SEE MUH-NAD-NOCK

Recent Reviews

  1. 0nion_eyes
    Version: 9/3/18
    I downloaded the map but every time I try to open it, it crashes the game (btw, my computer is pretty beefy so I don't think that's the problem)
  2. nyangau
    Version: 9/3/18
    amazing job!! heaps of fun!
  3. aroach2005
    Version: 9/3/18
    Im with Raif3 here, Im going for that challenge. Then, I started driving and well, it's very fun seeing you car get messed up cause you crashed.
  4. gorg and boovs
    gorg and boovs
    Version: 9/3/18
    where do i send u da pics
  5. Werwaz
    Version: 9/3/18
    another great map my dude!
  6. 01010011
    Version: 9/3/18
    fast boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. coreyeyre
    Version: 9/3/18
    A very fun & unique map. One of the best maps for downhill trails & destruction.

    Any way you could give some clues about where the coyotes are placed? I've looked all over the map, and have yet not found even one. Thanks.
    1. DuneWulff
      Author's Response
      Go to the top of a path, cut the engine, and coast down. Easier to hear the howls that way c:
  8. Redone1967
    Version: 9/3/18
    Got this mod from the youtuber Draegast and its great. Keep up the good work!
  9. TROPtastic
    Version: 9/3/18
    really well-designed map with a lot of detail and high-quality landscaping in the finished areas, and the trails themselves provide fun, varied challenges
  10. ItsYaBoiSniper
    Version: 9/3/18
    *Flies off ramp and perfectly lands*
    *spins and crashes*
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