Alpha TAZ Cycle V 0.5

A famous russian cycle car "инвалидка"

  1. burilkovdeni
    This is a small Russian micro car, with bad handling and a one cylinder engine. Also there is 1.5L four cylinder engine and a convertible for the sake of fun.
    The suspension comes from idealcar car by Goosah because I am not able to make good suspension, but can do more or less everything else .jbeam wise. The model is by SushiPro. I have also used the Thermals, Powertrain, Radiator and Exhaust .jbeams from Ibishu Covet.


    Model Edits.......burilkovdeni
    Jbeam................burilkovdeni, gabester, Goosah
    Jbeam Edits.......burilkovdeni
    Specs help.........pomi345

    Put in mods.

    Please do not reupload to any site without my permission.

    WARNING: the 1-cylinder engines only have 12-14 HP and 25NM of torque and the top speed is 60-80 Km/H so the car is SLOW.

Recent Reviews

  1. That Car
    That Car
    Version: V 0.5
  2. rev boi
    rev boi
    Version: V 0.5
    windows glitch out while driving
  3. Marto
    Version: V 0.5
    *ok emoji* nice!
  4. pomi345
    Version: V 0.5
    Could gave 4 or 3 stars, but this is alpha. But I like this "инвалидка" very much. (Инвалидка (Invalidka) means "car for disabled people")
  5. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: V 0.5
    Well. it is gud. Cuz even Russian crappy website doesn't have this mod reuploaded.....
  6. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: V 0.5
    it's great! still love it tho
  7. nowysen
    Version: V 0.5
    this... is this terrible that it's awesome
  8. michael_zowski
    Version: V 0.5
    no headlights, no grille, no taillights, yellow seats (why yellow?) insanely undetailed interior, windows stretch when braking. I give you credit for trying though
  9. Herszciak88PL
    Version: V 0.5
  10. z3r0332
    Version: V 0.5
    judging by the reviews below that aren't false ratings for the sake of rating bad mods 5 or 4 stars; comments are saying several things wrong i've looked at your version history 'changelog' tried it out knew it wouldn't end well, and low and behold its not that great.

    HOWEVER, don't get me wrong you get 1 extra star for trying and this mod still having potential to be a good mod you just need extra help and advice on how to make this a better vehicle clearly you're either just getting published early for public testing which isn't bad or your a beginner modder which is understandable. though expect true and honest reviews from the current state of the mod hopefully people change their reviews when this improves but as it stands right now i wouldnt recommend anyone to use this just wait until it might get improved.
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