Beta TFH Customs 0.21

Pack of tuning options for vanilla cars

  1. Added 2nd Pessima, fixed some bugs

    1. Added 2nd Pessima.
    2. Added drift suspension for Bolide.
    3. Made Bolide Track Devil much faster.
    4. Fixed some bugs, but dont remember which.
  2. TFH Customs

    Added ETK-I tuning pack
  3. Fixed 2 configs

    Fixed Track Devil and Track Devil Nur toe-in angle. Set new best time on WCUSA track - 1.17.493
  4. Add new config

    New config - Track Devil Nur. Less front downforce, less camber, more top speed, stable on high speed. Fast on Nurburgring Nordschleife
  5. Full rework of mod

    This mod now contains a lot of configs, more engine tuning option and new wheels (thanks to @Angry_Bird ). More about update in description
  6. Added Race Chassis and Body (Less weight) also redo all configs exept for Forgotten

    Added Race Chassis and Body (Less weight) also redo all configs exept for Forgotten.
    Now Track Devil weights 1000kg (1073kg earlier)
    Now Drag weights 1040kg and can go 580+kph (1100+kg earlier)
    Now Rally/Offroad weights 1099kg (1130+kg earlier)
  7. Quick config fix + new one - Forgotten

    Quick config fix + new one - Forgotten
  8. Added 3 new transmissions, Tuned NA Intake. Also added V10 sound and model

    Added 3 new transmissions. Also added V10 sound and model
    And tweaks in Track Devil config (Added Tuned Intake and 6-Speed Manual whick helped me to go 1.28.659 on WC USA track). Now car has 1065hp
  9. Remade whole Track Devil config, add new parts

    Remade whole Track Devil config
    Add Wide Track Rear Suspension (for Race Subframe)
    Add Race Internals (10k RPM and 1025hp)
    Set new record on WC USA race track - 1.29.197
  10. Updated AWD

    Reduced friction and torque loss for AWD Transfer Case
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