The LeMieux Hayon Family 2.4

Come get your doctor recommended dose of Funky French Hatchback

  1. shdevanski

    Pack contains:

    • Hayon - Standard FWD family hatchback
    • Camionnette - RWD commercial van, includes trailer hitch
    • Sp├ęciale - A rip-snortin' 180hp AWD Turbo hot hatch
    • Rallye - Sp├ęciale with rally-tuned suspension and transmission

    screenshot_2021-07-15_12-18-34.png thumb2.png
    screenshot_2021-07-22_01-18-47.png screenshot_2021-07-15_12-04-53.png
    screenshot_2021-07-15_18-11-56.png colors.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 2.0
    I wish cars in real life looked like this
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