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Beta The Realistic Derby Project - Demolition Derby Mod 1.4

A realistic demolition derby mod built by a real life derby driver.

  1. NoDakSmack

    The Realistic Derby Project is a demolition derby mod made by a real life derby driver. The goal of this mod is to achieve a realistic derby experience with parts inspired by the parts we use on actual cars. With this mod you can build to your desired set of rules, from stock, to limited weld, to full weld, with many different part variations and options available so you can build your car how you prefer.

    Currently the mod is a work in progress! Every fullsize car (list below, with their real-life inspirations) is ready to run to stock and limited weld rules, however some cars have more work done on them than others. I will be pushing out updates regularly with new parts and strength tweaks, so keep your eyes out and check back often!

    This mod is being built in collaboration with Demolition Derby - The Fairgrounds by Bidwars, which offers a scenario in which you can derby against CPU driven cars! At this time, these are not yet built into one another natively, but you can still play using my mod in his scenario if you simply save my vehicle configurations overwriting the titles of his presets such as "pro_moonhawk(1)" which will replace that moonhawk slot for the Pro class. Make sure to replace all the slots of this class if you want the CPU to use my cars too.

    Check out Demolition Derby - The Fairgrounds by Bidwars here

    The Cars
    Each car has been heavily modified to have a more realistic frame and body, and each offers different strengths and weaknesses. Many of them are built to resemble real cars in the way they bend and how they might be set up. Presets can be found saved for each car under a name such as "RDP Stock Derby Moonhawk (1)"

    Bruckell Moonhawk
    - a full framed car similar to a 71-76 GM sedan. This car currently has the most work done to it.
    Gavril Barstow - A subframer similar to a shocker 74-78 Mopar.
    Gavril Grand Marshal - A tilted full frame new iron car built like a Crown Vic. Early in development.
    Burnside Special - A full framed 4 door... probably most similar to a 58-64 ford?

    Pickup class - coming soon

    The Parts
    Just like a real derby, you can build each car to a specific set of rules that you prefer, whether it be stock with few extra parts, or a mod class with engine protectors and frame plates. Some parts have/will have variations, such as different style headers, halo bars, trunk setups, rear ends, various homemade and loaded bumpers, and many more. Here's a list of parts currently in the game (which may or may not currently be on certain cars). The list of planned parts is much longer, and variations of existing parts will come as well, and many of these are still being worked on or tweaked as I test.
    • Cages - WIP, if you're experiencing lag with the moonhawk, try removing its cage. The current cages are unnecessarily complex and may cause lag, and a much simpler yet effective design is being worked on. Cages will have 3 parts, the main part, halo bars, and gas tank protectors. In the future, the main cage will be built directly into the body.
    • Derby Frames - Currently in stock and limited weld variants for each car. Every frame has been heavily modified to have realistic strength.
    • Derby Bodies - Every car gets multiple body variants, also with modified or rebuilt structures to bend properly.
    • Bumpers - Loaded and homemade bumpers that won't bend are welded directly to the frame. The hardness and geometry of each bumper might affect how the frame bends differently. There are currently 2 front bumpers to pick from, a loaded Moonhawk bumper and a homemade bumper. Many more to come.
    • Engines - Purpose-built derby engines are typical in today's sport. Every car has a mildly built Chevy 350, with more to come. They withstand the stress and heat better than stock engines, while offering more power.
    • Headers - 4-in-1 headers are available in each car. Different styles to come.
    • Welded doors
    • Trunks - Tucked trunks will offer a more predictable roll, while dished trunks will give more strength. Be careful though, if you aren't using parts such as hump plates, rear window bars, or extra body mounts, a harder trunk might put too much stress on the frame humps.
    • Gas Tanks - Relocated to the interior of the car.
    • Creased fenders - Creasing fenders will offer more strength and a few more cool-guy-points
    • Extra Body Mounts - Cars benefit from the frame being tied into the body as much as possible. Extra body mounts will stiffen up your car slightly.
    • Distributor Protectors - A protector on the back of the engine. It might also reinforce the car since it's so close to the firewall.
    • Suspension - Front suspension modifications to offer a stiffer spring and taller bumper height, as well as stronger suspension components.
    • Radiators - Some of the default radiators don't handle the stress of derby engines very well. Aluminum derby radiators will offer better cooling.
    • Axles - Different axles such as Mopar 8 3/4. Reinforced rear ends in the future.
    • Hump Plates - Plates to help the humps from blowing.
    • Hump Chains - Chains from the axle to the top of the frame. Helps hold the rear end in place.
    • Threaded rod through core support - Body mount replacements from the frame to the hood, while also reinforcing the core support.

    Future Plans
    Fullsize cars have precedence on this mod, for a couple reasons. First, they are the most traditional derby cars, and secondly compact cars are much more numerous and therefore harder to get completed, but if I am ever happy with fullsize cars and pickups, I will move onto compacts. The truck class is second priority due to also being a common derby vehicle, but only having 2 models makes for a relatively easy task. Future fullsize cars such as the BlueBuck will have immediate priority.

    The list of parts I wish to add to the game is long, and one the most important things to me for this mod is the ability to have a diverse set of options even within a single class, so that the same car of a same class might be built differently from another. Updates in the foreseeable future will almost always be addition of parts and balance changes.

    We hope to one day work on a derby experience beyond the cars and AI. We would like to add different arenas, and even a campaign where you pay for cars and parts and run them at shows to earn money for more parts, from county fair level competition to nationals.

    This mod was developed under a i7 7700k, GTX 1070, 32gb ram. Frame drops may occur but shouldn't be significant in most cases; if you experience significant frame drops from certain parts, let me know along with your specs!


    1. 20190212161343_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Bluebuck & Tire Update
  2. 0.17.1 Compatibility Patch
  3. Hotfix 1.3.1

Recent Reviews

  1. GOP228(Андрей)
    Version: 1.3.2
    The Best
  2. Heinen76
    Version: 1.3.1
    Awesome Mod!
  3. Hazy
    Version: 1.3.1
  4. demolitionderbyA1
    Version: 1.3.1
  5. PNWGaming
    Version: 1.3.1
    Really Good. can you make this mod for the new car and maybe add sticks or flags i prefer flags
    1. NoDakSmack
      Author's Response
      Yes and yes!
  6. andrewgamer34
    Version: 1.3.0
  7. TwiggyTR
    Version: 1.1.0
    Awesome bud mod is great been wanting something like this for a long time. Do you have any plans later on doing front wheel drive cars as well? I building a fwd car now for a derby lol. Just will be pretty sweet if you did. And one thing I would suggest is mud tires for sure bobcat and tractor tires for sure would differently improve it a lot look wise anyways. Radiator is pretty easy to bust should make them to last a little long and that would be perfect. But over all a great mod hands down my favorite
    1. NoDakSmack
      Author's Response
      FWD cars I will consider after I am happy with fullsize since there are so many of them. As for radiators, thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into tweaking them. In the meantime, if you load my mod into Fairgrounds Derby mod you can adjust the radiator damage on the setup menu
  8. M4Mopar-QC
    Version: 1.1.0
    like in real
  9. RallyBlock
    Version: 1.1.0
    I love what you have going on here, finally somebody makes some realistic derby cars. The only issue I'm having with it is that the driveline for the burnside wont show up, I've tried swapping the motor to the stock one and changing the rear end to the stock one but it wont show up. I'm using the premade configs for the fairground mod with no other mods installed besides this and fairgrounds obviously.
  10. PURE88
    Version: 1.1.0
    This mod is great! any idea when we will get skins? I am a video editor and would love the skins so I could make a video showcasing this mod for you!
    1. NoDakSmack
      Author's Response
      Door wrap and roof sign designs are being discussed with a real life doorwrap vendor.... release TBD
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