The Sadura Wavern Family 1.0

The Sadura Wavern takes inspiration from the Saturn Ion, Ford Focus, and Ford Mustang.

  1. Galaxia
    Welcome to my first ever mod, and thank you for clicking!

    Sadura would like to welcome you to their family.
    HiResPhoto1.png HiResPhoto2.png
    As stated in that little subtitle, the Sadura Wavern takes design inspiration from the Saturn Ion, Ford Focus, and Ford Mustang... but you may be able to spot other car designs in it too.
    This car pack comes with 3 variations of the same model. Each trim representing something different.
    • Silver is the SE (Standard) model with performance based off something like a Toyota Corolla.
    screenshot_2020-12-20_21-21-15.png screenshot_2020-12-20_21-21-26.png
    1.5L OHC 2V Inline 3
    - The base model of the Wavern. Perfect for slow cruising and pretending to be a traffic car. Sadura's words.. not mine. It features a 1.5L Inline 3 that has enough power to keep your socks fully seated on your feet. Look.. it's performance is based off of a Toyota Corolla.. what more should be said?
    Country: United States
    0-60: ~9.1
    0-100: ~23.1
    60-0: ~3.0
    Horsepower: 128hp @5100
    Torque: 140lb-ft @3700
    Top Speed: 134mph

    Performance Class: (1-2)
    Transmission Type: 7 Speed Automatic
    Value: $12,000
    Weight: 3,120lbs
    Year Model: 2020
    • Blue is the Turbo (Sport) model with performance based off something like a Ford Mustang.
    screenshot_2020-12-20_21-20-21.png screenshot_2020-12-20_21-20-42.png

    1.6L OHC 2V Inline 3 Turbocharged (6-psi)
    - Sadura wanted to please both the enthusiasts and the general population with this model. This new sportier model includes an upgraded 1.6L engine with a turbocharger as well as an advanced automatic gearbox. This gives the user the ability to switch between driving modes (Drive, Sport, Manual).
    Country: United States
    0-60: ~4.8
    0-100: ~10.1
    100-0: ~3.7
    Horsepower: 314 hp @7100
    Torque: 257 lb-ft @5500
    Top Speed: 189mph

    Performance Class: (5-6)
    Transmission Type: 7 Speed Adv. Automatic
    Value: $33,000
    Weight: 3,230lbs
    Year Model: 2020
    (If someone could diagnose why this car is tail-happy, I would greatly appreciate it! I want it fixed but I can't figure it out)
    • Red is the XLE (Experimental) Luxury model not really based on anything. It can beat every BeamNG official drag car.
    screenshot_2020-12-20_21-21-54.png screenshot_2020-12-20_21-22-24.png

    4.2L SOHC 4V V8 Turbocharged (23-psi)
    - An experimental version of a new line of Luxury models. Sadura has been quiet about their new luxury models, but this one is quite the treat!
    Country: United States
    0-100: ~4.0
    100-0: ~3.5
    200-0: ~6.9
    Horsepower: 1307 hp @6600
    Torque: 1126 lb-ft @4900
    Top Speed: 270+

    Performance Class: (8-9)
    Transmission Type: 7 Speed Dual Clutch
    Value: $180,000
    Weight: 3,850lbs
    Year Model: 2020
    I wanted to properly make a sorta-realistic and high-quality build for my first go at this. Let me know if you think I succeeded!
    If the reception is high enough, Sadura told me that they may have a Luxury line in store for us based on the XLE trim.

    Check out the video showcase by yours truly!

    (Showcase video using Automation and some Sony Vegas)
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