Beta Tograc Mayhem 1.0

The tograc is just as good as the hopper. Convince me I'm wrong.

  1. The Gas Station
    When Cherrier designed the Tograc SUV, it clearly was never intended for much more than climbing curbs to find better parking spaces.
    But, what if I told you everything I just said was completely wrong? What if I showed you the true capabilities of the Tograc, an off-road machine, a rock-crawling, dirt-blasting tool of ultimate terrain-crossing?

    And that it's even better than the Ibishu Hopper?*

    Don't believe me? I've edited each and every scenario in the game featuring the Hopper, but instead of the infamous dusty old Ibishu, the wheels of a Tograc of a similar trim level would be at your hands.

    *The Gas Station hereby declares this whole mod submission is a joke. The Hopper is much better than the Tograc off the road, and anyone who claims otherwise, including this mod's creator, is either lying, joking, or trying to make themselves feel good after purchasing a Diesel Tograc (probably the latter).

Recent Reviews

  1. liner123455
    Version: 1.0
    1. The Gas Station
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Be sure to post any issues if you encounter them!
  2. Jameseydude_101
    Version: 1.0
    i'll be honest, the impressive bit is you driving that Tograc!
    1. The Gas Station
      Author's Response
      Why, thank you!
      It took many attempts I can assure you...
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