Torsion's Scenario Replay Saver 6

Automatically record replays during scenarios

  1. torsion
    Automatically saves replays for your most recent scenario attempts. Replays are rotated through slots (3 slots by default). The oldest replays are deleted as new replays are recorded. You may prevent individual replays from being deleted by renaming them to remove the slot text "[TSRS-Slot_".

    This mod will not reconstruct complex interactive scenarios for playback. It's best used with simple scenarios such as time trials, jump challenges, etc. The mod is simply a convenience tool for those who might normally start and stop replay recording during a scenario. If you restart scenarios a lot the manual process can be cumbersome - this helps.

    The mod has 2 configurable settings: the slot count and whether to include the countdown timer in the replay. You may set these settings from the GE lua console, examples are below:


    1. replays.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. HighDef
    Version: 6
    A simple but very handy mod. I have been testing this mod for a long while now and have found it very useful for making previews and cool action vids from replays.
    It has reliable functionality and a sensibly thought out and customizable saving system.
    Must have for video makers.
    Thanks Torsion!
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