Experimental Trip Computer App - Avg Fuel Consumption Bug Workaround 0.1

Works around losing your Avg Consumption when you stop

  1. iheartmods

    There has been an issue with the Trip Computer app since it was released in that, when using the AVG Fuel Consumption function, your value would return to '0' after the vehicle had stopped moving.

    Before the workaround:

    After the workaround:

    I created a dirty workaround for the issue that does this:
    If your vehicle speed is less than 1 (presumably m/s), AVG Consumption will be read as the last calculated value, and no further calculation will occur otherwise, AVG Consumption will be calculated as normal and the last calculated value will enter some variable to be called if our speed is less than 1.

    • I spent no time more than a few minutes on it and gave it very little thought. A more elaborate solution/rework of this app needs to be done to properly fix the issue.
    • You can't reset AVG Fuel Consumption if you are not moving. Would need to look into this further.
    • Unrealistic way to average fuel consumption while stopped, because in the real world, this value should go down if you are just sitting idling. Based on the assumption that we don't go into this game to sit and idle (unless we're getting dinner), I'm OK with this solution :)

    Further reading in this discussion thread.

Recent Reviews

  1. jlc-one
    Version: 0.1
    Perfect, thanks
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      My pleasure :)
  2. Cutlass
    Version: 0.1
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Glad you like :)
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