TruckItUp! Skins for Dry Van Trailer V1

TruckItUp! even more with 53' of rental space

  1. baritruck
    This is a mod which puts the in-game TruckItUp! rental company skins for the box trucks on the semi dry van trailer. These work with the vanilla dry van trailer so long as you have the base paint set to white so you get the fullest color out of the skin.

    The modern skin most resembles the in-game box trucks.
    The retro version I tried to make look like an 80s(ish) rental trailer with the white lines and thin font (no 'futuristic 80s video game' font though). I also made sure to add more text that would be removed in the modern version because modern apparently means minimalistic.

    You need to select these in the parts selector since I don't know how to make them available from the vehicle selector.

    Enjoy! This is my first mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. IDontKnow
    Version: V1
    Very good mod for the trailer!
  2. DaddelZeit
    Version: V1
    Very nice idea!
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