Beta Trynelgren Park Ranger 1.0

Who's gonna protect the wildlife? - A Park Ranger skin for the Roamer

  1. GameNoobTV
    screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00015.png


    A skin simulating a Park Ranger wrap. Great for role-playing or adding a bit of realism to the game.
    Note: The BFGoodrich tires are not part of this skin. They can be found here.

    This mod is compatible with other skins. It will appear in the parts menu as an alternative livery. Select the Sherrif Roamer and then equip the skin.

    To install, just drag the "" file into your mods folder. (By default, it is located at C:\Users\Name\Documents\\mods)

    1.0: Release

    @Nadeox1 & @Tom999 - Tutorial on exporting/formatting
    GameNoobTV - Park Ranger Skin
    Tom999 - Trynelgren Logo​

Recent Reviews

  1. GerbilGod
    Version: 1.0
    This mod doesn't get enough credit this mod is amazing
  2. sergiopt04
    Version: 1.0
    Its great
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