Alpha Ultimate Configuration Pack

The 0.16 Compatibility Update

  1. Second Hotfix + NEW DESIGN

    Yeah, a whole new design!

    So, this is just a quick hotfix which took me particularly long to produce as my crappy laptop is basically dying right now.

    Here's what changed!

    • Fixed Sunburst "Extreme Edition"
    • Fixed Moonhawk "Moonicorn"
    • Fixed the ugly thumbnails (tysm @DevilisticJosh)

    I will release a big update later, including a new engine for the drag bus to make it more agressive.

    Also, to the people who read this to the bottom,

    We've hit 56k downloads and 22k subscriptions. this means we have (56394+22782 at the time of uploading this update=) 79179 UCP users. I'd like to thank you guys for the huge amount of support, helping me out with bug reports, etc.

    Enjoy the update!
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