Alpha Ultimate Configuration Pack

The 0.16 Compatibility Update

  1. 0.11 compatibility + A LOT OF NEW CONTENT!

    Hey there guys!

    Another (pretty big) update!

    Here's whats new/updated:

    • 0.11 compatibility. A lot of configs now use new features, and older content has been updated.
    • Updated the SBR4 Extreme edition. It now has some NOs, because why not :p
    • Added the ETK800 Safety Car, during a race you can now safely clean up the mess of a crashed car wihout having to fear for your life.
    (Credits to @NinetyNine! for the Beacon)

    • Added a special Config for the 0.11 update: The "Industrial Jumper". It features all new functions from last update (NOs, Brake line lock, etc), and was built to be able to land high-speed jumps, which could come in handy in WCUSA's industrial area ;)

    • Slightly tweaked the "Politie" cars (The politie RS car has Afterfire now for example)
    • Added the Sunburst "Rapid Responder" - Dutch doctor's car, This model is actually very rapid :p
    • (Oh, and it has its own custom lightbar texture and sound! Hit "M" twice :)
    • Added the ETK800 "Rapid Responder", not as fast as the Sunburst, but has more room. This model also has its own custom lightbar and sound.
    • Added the H-series Dutch Ambulance - This model also has its own custom lightbar and sound.
    "Free Candy" (may give you deja vu)
    "Pizzavet" (Don't get hungry, you can't eat it)

    • Added the D15 "Default": The regular boring white D15, which didn't have a config yet :p

    • Fixed the missing thumbnails for the "BeamNG" and "UCP" Dryvan Trailers

    • Fixed the Pigeon Drift, it had a mistake in the details

    Here's a list of all other stuff:
    • Fixed something copyrighty
    • Fixed the SBR4 Stage 4 Engine tuning
    • Fixed the SBR4 Stage 4 Engine tuning's irritating sound
    • Fixed a mistuned config
    • Fixed another mistuning, sorry for that (Unequal Camber)
    • Tweaked Politie Skins
    • Deleted a copyrighted logo and replaced it with a non copyrighted one
    • Added some WIP features (who can find it? :) )
    • Edited the Mod's Recource page
    • Edited the UCP logo on the DryVan skin

    Woah. You guys have downloaded this mod over 4000 times. Thank you so much!!!!

    (Little remark: There wont be any updates in December as I am going on a vacation ;)


    1. Politie-Copy.jpg
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