Unsupported / Partially Outdated: DaddelZeit's Pack of Stuff kc

Tall Snorkels, Flatbeds, Diesel V8 swapped bolide, 4.1L diesel Piccolina and more!

  1. Fixes for the V8 Bolide

    - Fixed duplicate turbo mesh
  2. Diesel V8 Fix

    - Fixed og. 6.0L Diesel V8 issues
  3. Skin fix

    - Fixed T-Series vanilla skins not working
  4. More things

    Weird things
    - Dually Front wheels for the pickup (NEEDS DUALLY SPINDLES!)

    Actually Realistic things:
    - A Cut-In-Half hopper crawler body

    - A 6.0L Diesel V8 in the burnside

    - A 6.0L Diesel V8 in the wendover...
  5. Fix

    - Fixed an oopsie that caused the unicycle (new walk-mode player) to have no textures
    - Removed Herobrine
  6. More things

    - Added:
    - TBarstow

    (Original Idea by @Softair!)

    - A Stupidly Tall Snorkel for the covet

    - A Bedcover for the pigeon

    - A Steel Bedcap for the D-Series...
  7. Bugfix

    - Fixed a bug where everything in the 1.9L TDI Diesel would be duplicated in the vivace
    - Removed Herobrine
  8. More things

    - Added:
    - A tiny box trailer

    - An eSBR swap into the pigeon

    - A 1.9L TDI engine for the fcv

    - A 1.9L TDI engine for the legran/etks/old pessima/hopper/covet/200bx...​
  9. More things

    - A JATO rocket for the pigeon

    - A 6.0L Diesel V8 for the legran

    - A Gavril TCM engine in the trunk of the pessima
  10. More things

    - Moved Snorkel for the bus into the air filter slot!
    - A Cargo Basket for the FCV

    - A Cargo Basket for the ETK 800
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