Updated Shiftlogic Automatic Transmissions 4.3

Makes slushboxes more comfortable to drive. Now with electric motors

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    Transmission features:
    Electric motor:

    Technically not a "transmission"
    Note: For the mod to work correctly, you must choose all(one or two) motors to the modded ones and choose the modded(in order to redirect motor information to the modded motor(s)) gauges in the parts menu

    Realistic regen torque curve:
    The electric motors now have proper regenerative braking torque curve. Constant torque at mid speed and constant power at high speed.

    Brake blending:
    When brake is used, additional regen is applied to reduce brake wear, this portion of regen cancels out the same amount of friction brake, Which means the vehicle will use regen first, only use friction brake when the braking demand is higher than max regen.

    One-pedal driving:
    When the vehicle speed is sufficiently high a "coastdown" throttle is compared with the throttle pedal, when the throttle pedal is lower, regenerative braking is applied. This improves the vehicle speed control with the gas pedal, similar to engine braking.
    In both modes, the transition between power and regen are seamless, regen intensity will also gradually reduce according to lateral acceleration.

    Tunable parameters(with presets):

    The modded logic is tunable similar to ECU mapping IRL

    Automatic Transmission:
    Two brand new torque converter lockup logics
    Classic "1C-2C-3C-3L-4C-4L-5L-6L" logic. For vehicles with 4AT (one overdrive) lockup with low throttle and in overdrive gear (4T21), for vehicle with 6AT (more than one overdrive) lockup in overdrives and low throttle in direct drive or overdrive (4T5L21 or 4T6L21)
    Modern vehicle speed/throttle opening. The TC lockup logic is according to the vehicle speed and throttle opening, regardless of current gear, in recent modern vehicles with 6 gears or more (400T1000LM1).

    Single Clutch Transmission:
    Custom logic:
    The SCT is actually a "workaround" of the current AT physic/logic. The torque converter is converted to an empty box w/ a clutch, the clutch is fully disengaged while shifting, decouple the engine and the gearbox. A custom throttle logic is added to control the rev-match during the shift, and the clutch engagement RPM is based on the "Throttle-Based Torque Converter Lockup Logic"(my previous mod), Clutch spring is also tuned to make a manual/sequential "backlash" feeling.
    Idle Creep:
    When the vehicle is stopped, transmission is in gear and brake is released, the clutch is engaged a little bit to make the vehicle creep forward without throttle, just like a conventional slushbox. Hill hold is also implemented via brake when rolling backward.
    Throttle adjustment during shifts:
    When upshifting, a "coasting" throttle is applied. The amount of throttle is between idling and lowest downshift RPM, this is to prevent blip the throttle during upshifts. When downshifting, throttle is applied to rev-match.
    Clutch engagement RPM based on throttle value, for initial acceleration.

    Dual Clutch Transmission:
    Tuned TCU logic(more information):
    Significantly lowered initial upshifting RPM.
    Engine braking at very low speeds in D, S or M mode, no RPM oscillation when starting in 2nd or 3rd gear.
    Responsive downshifting at very low RPM.
    Idle creep:
    When the vehicle is stopped, transmission is in gear and brake is released, the clutch is engaged a little bit to make the vehicle creep forward without throttle. Works with crawler mode.
    Adjustable clutch time range:
    Now you can define the max clutch time via the "dctClutchMaxTime", not always ten times the "dctClutchTime".

    Shifter Modes:
    Winter mode:
    Some vehicles with PRND21 shift pattern, the "2" gear is always in 2nd gear instead of shifting between 1st and 2nd, others may have a separate winter mode (W). In BeamNG, the shift patterns are PRNDW1 and PRND21W, respectively.
    Modern vehicles with semi-automatic modes (PRNDSM) Downshift autoshifting gearboxes in manual mode to a certain gear instead of all the way to 1st gear (M2 or M3)

    Crawler mode:
    Some transmissions have very low gear(s) to haul very heavy objects climbing steep incline or maneuvering at very low speeds. On light-duty operation, these gears can be skipped to accelerate quicker.
    BKNHCM gear selector.
    Backup, skip the crawler gears in reverse.
    Krawler, only use reverse crawler gears.
    Highway, skip the crawler gears in forward.
    Crawler, only use forward crawler gears.
    Crawler gear definition is configurable in jbeam file, since it's adjustable, it can also use as an OD-OFF gear selection.

    Tuned shiftmap:

    Upshift/downshift RPM in each transmissions are individually tuned, according to real-world transmission considerations.
    1. The higher the vehicle speed the higher the resistance and the lower the torque multiplication ratio, thus the higher the gear, the higher the low throttle shift RPM.
    2. The higher the vehicle speed, the longer the time between each shifts. To compensate the power loss during each shift, the lower gears are more sparse than the higher gear, which means the shift down RPM increases faster than the shift up RPM.

    Transmission list:

    DT40L: 5AT(2T4LM2), 6AT(2T4LM2)
    D-Series, Roamer, H-Series, Grand Marshal: 4AT(3T21), 6AT(4T5L21)
    800-Series, K-Series: 7SCT(081010M2), 8AT(700T1400LH2M3), Diesel 8AT(550T1000LH2M3), 8DCT(025500H2M3)
    200BX: 4AT(3T4L21), 5AT(4T5L21)
    I-Series: 4AT(3TC3W1), 5AT(3T5LC421W)
    Covet: 4AT(4LW1), 5AT(3T5L21)
    Hopper: 4AT(4T21)
    LeGran: 4AT(3T21)
    Pessima(2nd gen): 4AT(4TW1), 5AT(3T4LW1)
    Pessima(1st gen): 4AT(4LW1), 5AT(3T4LW1)
    SBR4: 6SCT(102015M2), 6AT(900T1400LM2), 7DCT(025400M2)
    T-Series: 11SCT(070204K2C2M4), 10SCT(070204K1C2M3), 12SCT(070204K2M3), 10AT(2T3LK1M2), 7AT(1T3LM2),12DCT(250750K2H5M6), 14DCT(250750K1C2M7)
    Sunburst: 6SCT(102015M2), 4AT(3TM2), 6AT(3T4LM2), 6DCT(040450M2)
    FCV: 5SCT(100510M2), 9AT(500T800LM2), 7DCT(050500M2), Diesel 7DCT(050500M2)
    Wendover: 4AT(3T21)

Recent Reviews

  1. GardropFuat
    Version: 4.3
    A must have mod for me, this should be added to the base game seriously. I drove many cars with many different transmissions and this mod literally nails all of them.
  2. Pungpig2
    Version: 4.3
    I love it
  3. Kilu888
    Version: 4.3
  4. AbyssWalker240
    Version: 4.21
    this game make autos literally perfect aside from they still don't rev match, but that's not a mod issue that's game issue. i would love to see that 9 speed auto that's in the vivace to also be in the etk k and 800, as I have a v8 mod for those that I think would pair excellently with it :D
    1. default0.0player
      Author's Response
      But how do you rev-match a torque-converted automatic transmission?
  5. Amazing Kestero
    Amazing Kestero
    Version: 4.2
  6. Mullayho
    Version: 4.2
    This is just excelent. More tought and effort was punt into this than in irl CVTs with fake shift points
  7. Kilu888
    Version: 4.11
    Really good mod
  8. Horfax
    Version: 4.11
    Really great work
  9. VWlove38
    Version: 4.11
    This is simply good and well put together. I rarely rate but this mod deserves it. Will you add a CVT here as well?
    It need some love, and fits the base sunburst and (maybe) fcv.
    1. default0.0player
  10. vmlinuz
    Version: 4.0
    I see you took my advice for the Wendover transmission. Tunable parameters still need sliders
    1. default0.0player
      Author's Response
      Tunable lockup gear is not realistic in 90's gearbox, also vehicle with AT is significantly fuel inefficient than its MT counterpart. In a 4-speed, lockup at 4th gear is more common than 3rd gear, even the fuel economy is lower.
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