URGA 64-T 1.2

1960's soviet heavy duty offroad cargo/military truck, available in 6 different variants

  1. RY4NDY
    It's not really based of any real-life vehicle in particular, although the engine is a somewhat accurate replica of the ZMZ-66-06 engine from the GAZ 66.

    It comes in 6 variants (actually 7, but one of them is just a recolored version of another one), from left to right: URGA 64-T-C (civilian) - URGA 64-T-CD (civilian dump truck) - URGA 64-T-MTT (military personnel transport) - URGA 64-T-MH (military living facility) - URGA 64-T-SF (fire truck) - Rally Raid Modified - Rally Raid Modified alt color scheme.

    All of them also have their own (some shared between multiple variants, and some variants only have one) paint colors, so if you use them in AI traffic they won't just spawn in default/red/blue/black/red like Automation cars normally do after you've exported them to BeamNG.

    URGA 64-T-C

    A version meant for civilian usage, with a flatbed upfit made out of wood (although for some reason the wood parts look white in BeamNG, in Automation it does actually look like wood). It's powered by the earlier mentioned engine that makes about 120 hp, and since it's made for off road driving across difficult terrains instead of being focused on speed it's top speed is quite low, being slightly below 80 KM/H. It does come with a 4-speed manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, lockable diffs and high-low gearing, so it can cross any terrain.

    URGA 64-T-CD

    Another civilian version, this time with a dump bed upfit and a warning light added to the roof. Same powertrain and color options as the normal civlian version. Since the Automation exporter can't actually give the dump bed a proper "hollow" collision model like it should I've filled the bed entirely with "sand" so that it makes sense to not be able to actually put anything in it.

    URGA 64-T-MTT

    This military-oriented version comes with the same powertrain as the civilian versions, and lots of seats in the back under the fabric roof for the transport of military personnel. Only available in this green color.

    URGA 64-T-MH

    It's still equipped with the same powertrain as the other one, but the empty fabric back has been replaced by an motorhome-like upfit filled with lots of equipment to repair vehicles and live in it. Also only available in green.

    URGA 64-T-SF

    Version modified into a fire truck; based on the civilian version and as such also has the same powertrain. Obviously only comes in red.

    Rally Raid Modified

    This version was modified for Rally Raid racing in the 2010's, and features a modern, more much powerful turbocharged V6 engine, better brakes, a 6-speed gearbox and various other race accesoires. Because what better vehicle is there to race across a desert then an almost 50 year old truck made in a country that doesn't exist anymore?

    Sadly this mod has some small glitches, some of which I can't / don't know how to fix:

    (fixed) the front wheels used to break off when steering fully to one side, but I've managed to fix it and now the wheels do stay attached.

    (not fixed) the light "glow" effect from the headlights comes out of some place in the center of the front, rather then actually out of the headlights like it should. It's not a big issue, since the light does still shine forward so you can still drive at night, but it just looks wierd when seeing the truck from the front when the lights are on. All other lights (brake/indicator) do work like they should.

    (not fixed) some lights don't do what they should, for instance the rear spotlight on the military living facility version acts like it's a reverse light, the warning light on the dump truck acts like it's a blinker, and the warning lights on the fire truck act like they're headlights and reverse lights. Although most of these aren't really noticable, especially if you don't turn them on.

    (not fixed) like I already mentioned, the wood parts of the civilian version look white instead of wood-textured in BeamNG, although this once again isn't a very big game-breaking issue, it just looks a bit wierd.

Recent Reviews

  1. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: 1.1
    Really nice truck. Maybe you should improve the lights on the firetruck.
    Version: 1.0
    What a nice one
    1. RY4NDY
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