Utah Race Week 1.4

Race around Utah, featuring AI, 10 courses, 16 achievements, and a save system!

  1. Gamergull

    New! Win 3 races to unlock the option to change your vehicle at the start of each race! After 3 wins, you can click the Enable button in the custom UI at the scenario start screen; the button is under Settings. Then, you can use the side bar vehicle menu [Esc].

    Welcome to the Utah Race Week event!
    Be ready for seven days of organized and impromptu races, and earn money for your skills (of course, you can play this for longer than a real week... just play along with my narrative). Herein are 10 courses, 16 achievements, and hundreds of dollars of cash to go for. Every race has AI ranging from amateur to competent in skill level. Some of the races may be difficult to win, so good luck!

    After installing this mod, you can find the races by going to Scenarios, in the main menu.

    Progress and stats are automatically saved! You can see them at the end of any race. Alternatively, you can press the horn (H) before the start of any race to view some detailed info.

    Thanks to @arnok19 and @GotNoLimbs! for designing some of the course layouts. See the "author" field in the scenario selector.

    • Winner (Levels 1 - 4)
    • Race Veteran
    • Race Champion
    • Earner (Levels 1 - 4)
    • Fiery Total Time
    • Snappy Race
    • Speed Demon
    • Shocking Moment
    • Sole Survivor
    • Roll Recovery
    Notes (the important ones):
    • If you're almost at the finish but not in 1st place, don't give up! You can still earn money and achievements just by finishing a race.
    • I didn't add car awareness to the AI, so they may be ram happy! This means that crazy moments and wrecks can happen; just another day in BeamNG.drive!
    • Think of money as XP; you can't spend it, sorry! Just keep earning!
    Notes (lesser ones):
    • The minimum amount of racers that will spawn for each race is 3, but some races are coded to have more (up to 5). Set your "Traffic amount" (in Options) to at least 5, if you think you can run more! (Users with 6 or more cores in their CPU can disregard this.)
    • No ScriptAI was used! That would've taken a long time to do for some of the races. I did a few tricks to improve the racers' AI, but it's not ideal. Better than nothing, though!
    • Are the waypoint textures missing? Try clearing your cache!

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.4
  2. Version 1.3.1
  3. Version 1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. NicOz
    Version: 1.4
    Great for knowing your limits and making you improve your skills. Best racing scenarios creator, props!
  2. SugarDaddy322
    Version: 1.4
    Those Scenarios are lit! Thats my favorite. Really glad to see that patch update:). Nicely done
  3. zook79
    Version: 1.3.1
    Really fun, thanks for putting these together!

    I did notice that for most of the scenarios, there's usually only 1 or 2 AI actually finishing the race. Lots of crashing! Although, I guess that's fairly realistic based on how I was driving....
  4. Confused_Deer43
    Version: 1.3
    This is excellent fun, thank you for posting and updating the race week scenarios even during your possible busy schedule working for the company :)
  5. Bogwash
    Version: 1.2
    Perfect scenarios for this game. I love how fluid these are, if you total your car you restart, I hate having a fatal crash and not being able to restart the scenario. Need more of these, great job!
  6. SeanFaith_
    Version: 1.1
    Great scenario, love the variety... AI even after update could have been tweaked little bit more and also there are few scenarios where they dont go anywhere. You can check my stream for that AI:
    timemarks (14.15/31.50/48.58/51.55)

    And versions with less AI(3) would be nice, my poor CPU cant handle too much. :)
  7. 2015ChryslerYpsilon
    Version: 1.1
    This is awesome! I'm doing a playthrough of all ten scenarios on YT right now, and I'll definitely be playing these more than once.

    Will you be making more stuff like this? I'll be one of the first to download if you have plans!
  8. Yota
    Version: 1.1
    Very fun and enjoyable.

    Only thing I have not liked is:
    "I didn't add car awareness to the AI, so they may be ram happy! This means that crazy moments and wrecks can happen; just another day in BeamNG.drive!"

    I find that the AI like to crash into the player (fine, I guess), but they also crash into each other. Ends up being a race between me and 3 or 4 heavily disabled vehicles :)
  9. 25ccSupercharged
    Version: 1.1
    Great fun!

    Notes: The Mind the Gap scenario's checkpoint that's just after the large jump didn't trigger sometimes if I went too fast (too high in the air but otherwise within the range, it looked to me). And the checkpoint after that was perhaps/arguably -just- a tad too "narrow" (missed, taking the corner a little wide-ish) but you be the judge of that :)
    1. Gamergull
      Author's Response
      I moved that jump waypoint up a bit before releasing v1; looks like I didn't move it enough :P . If I update this thing, I'll fix those things.
  10. CBasura
    Version: 1.1
    Fantastic scenarios! I enjoyed all of them (the offroad race with the Sunburst was a pain in the ass to complete!).
    1. Gamergull
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Yeah, that one killed me a lot too.
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