Experimental UwU V12 HillClimber (The OwO Destroyer) 1.1

The end of the OwO, and the start of a new era. UwU shall rise again.

  1. lonewolf1247
    UWU HillClimb.
    Here to take down the
    ' OwO Hillclimber '

    A True Revolutionary In The HillClimb Industry.
    Here To Take Its #1 Spot... soon..

    0-60 (MPH) in 2.0 Seconds
    90-120 in .9 Seconds

    Feel free to leave a review. >w<

    HiResPhoto8.png HiResPhoto9.png Photo7.png Photo8.png Photo11.png Photo15.png

    Known issues that will be fixed soon:
    * Constant brake fade.
    * A somewhat high-amount of uncontrollability of the car at higher speeds.


    1. HiResPhoto10.png
    2. HiResPhoto11.png
    3. Photo6.png
    4. Photo9.png
    5. Photo10.png
    6. Photo12.png
    7. Photo13.png
    8. Photo14.png

Recent Updates

  1. File name and Default photo fix.

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.1

    I have tried to clim Pikes Peak with your, just to test it, but it turned out that your car is simply not able to do it x)

    1) The brakes overheat and start to fade after only 5 corners. They just can't survive long enough for a hillclimb race

    2) There is something wrong with the aerodynamic settings of your car. the grip at low and mid speed is good, but there is no grip at all at higher speed. Your car understeer like crazy, so you have to brake for each little corner, and with the brake issue... x)

    This car as a good potential, but those 2 things are killing it ;)
    1. lonewolf1247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
      I'm aware of the issues, and I'm working on them as I'm typing this.
      (Mainly the brakes because those things are not durable whatsoever), main reason I didn't focus on those two factors while making this car the first time around was mainly trying to focus on making this more of a meme car.

      However, I'll be damned if I don't try to make this thing an outstanding monster. I'll try to push out an update on the brakes soon. (And the aerodynamics of the vehicle in an later update)

      Thanks- again! :D
  2. Wilfred M. Wolfe
    Wilfred M. Wolfe
    Version: 1.1
    10/10 would owo again
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