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V10 Destroyer 6.8

Designed to dominate, this plasmasonic car can go Mach 20 it is the fastest beamng car

  1. Update 6.8 : Added an Acceleration Slider

    This might be the last update i will post for now the wheel nodes are hitting their limit i can't do anything more. I want to thank every single one that supported me until now thank you all.

    This slider now available in the vehicle customization - tuning tab will allow you to customize the acceleration of the beast to your taste enjoy!

    PS: it only affects the top speed record and track configs.
  2. Update 6.7: parking brake fix

    fixed the rear brakes randomly not working.
  3. Update 6.6: Fixed the shift points of the track config.

    the track config will now shift a lot smoother allowing better control when accelerating from a tight corner.
  4. Update 6.5: Dynamic Stability System

    note: use the track config for anything other than top speed runs.
    in this update i present what I've been working on, the track config won't flip or loose stability at it's top speed of 400MPH+, the land speed record is now much more controllable at low speeds, this new system is better than ESC for this mod + improved stability after a jump (because it is now lighter and perfectly weight distributed) enjoy.
  5. Update 6.4: Parts name fix

    fixed the names in the parts tree.
  6. Update 6.3: Body Hotfix

    fixed the wing sometimes connecting in the middle (happened when i spawned it after i was driving another mod).
  7. Update 6.2: new top speed with suspension fixes

    i noticed that sometimes the car would veer off to the right or left aggressively this update should fix that(if not use the track version) along with a new top speed of mach 20.76(15929MPH)(25635KPH) using the macho meter that now comes with the car (no need to download it separately):

    ow and you can apply nos now and make it have ridiculous hp enjoy! (it is NOT...
  8. Update 6.1: Down force Hotfix

    Just a quick last hot fix for the track version's down force glitching.
  9. Update 6.0: Land Speed HotFix

    Hotfix for the land speed config bouncing at mach 8 resulting in an instability early in the run.
  10. Update 5.9 : Down force Hot fix.

    Down force hot fix for the track config not working properly.
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