Beta [V6 + V12 Update!] RK's Highly Customizable Engines (I4, I5, I6, V6, V8, V12)

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum! Now even better!

  1. Trying to fix the mod deactivation

    Just a try to fix the deactivated mod after game restart

    Can't promise this fixes it.
  2. Fixed Bug Turbos didn't show up


    - Fixed Turbos not showing up
  3. Big Update V12 and V6 and Single / Twin and Sequential Turbos! etc


    - Added V6 Engine
    - Added V12 Engine
    - Added changeable Flatplane sounds on the V8 (Now 2 Flatplane sounds)
    - Added some new Headgaskets options
    - Added a new Intake options (race short intake)
    - Added Supercharger changable sounds
    - Added Single, Twin and Sequential Turbo Setup and changed the Turbo System
    - Set max particules in ECU tuning from 100 to 10
    - Fixed Burnside wrong engine sound and engine block on the I6 engine

    - Tried adding the engines to the T-Series, added extra...
  4. Lua file rename


    - Changed lua name and edited the lua reference in the engine jbeams
  5. Fixed Radiator + Transmission issue

    - Fixed on every car transmission and radiator bugg because of the pigeon
  6. Fixed Mod crashing the Game

    Many people had the problem the mod isn't working so i fixed the lua


    - Fixed the game crashes
    - Fixed all parts on the Pigeon
    - Added all parts on the Wigeon

    If you have any problems with the mod, Pm me or write in the discussion theater
  7. SBR Fix

    - Added Enginemounts for SBR
    - Added Removable Chargepipe option
  8. Added Wendover and engine mounts

    - Added all Engines to the Wendover
    - Added Enginemounts (Thanks to Zaffir for helping)
    - Fixed Burnside Special missing I5 and I6 Engine
  9. Hotfix! Works again!

    Fixed the mod freezing the game
  10. I4 Engine Update! + Fixes


    - Added I4 Engine for every car!
    - Added 302CUI V8 displacement
    - Added OHV and Ported OHV Cylinderhead for the I4, I5 and I6
    - Fixed Enginesound on every car (zylindercount was on every enginetype on 4)
    - Fixed wrong exhaustname on ETK I
    - Fixed Missing Enginemodel on the Autobello
    - Fixed Missing I6 Engine on the burnside
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