Vade 245 GT 1.0

Mid-50s super/sports car, perfect for your average European trackday.

  1. foxvnop45
    The Vade 245 GT is your nice average European Sportscar from the 50s. It's got a naturally aspirated 4355cc V8 that produces 315 horsepower. Paired to a 4 speed manual, this engine propels the car from 0-62 mph in 6.66 seconds and has a top speed of 148mph. It is an old car, and thus does not have traction control or antilock brakes, so be careful when accelerating or braking or turning, or just about anything

    Known Bugs/Glitches/Flaws
    The front bumper area tends to act weird when turning the front wheels left to right (I do not know how to fix this)
    The car will shift from 1st to 2nd, back to 1st and then back to 2nd again, then continue on its way. (I recommend using the "Realistic" gearbox setting in BeamNG, which you can change by pressing "Q") vade245gt1.png vade245gt2.png vade245gt3.png


    1. vade245gtprofile.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Not Batman
    Not Batman
    Version: 1.0
    Classy, even if it does tend to drive sideways. Could use adjustment to the gear ratios - they seem a little too short. Or you could do a more drift-focused variant...
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